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    Virtualization Technology (AMD-V)


      DEAR all, I am amd user. i need to build a lab for my students and me. This lab will be installed with concept of red hat virtualization,  bridging, hypervisor, vcenter , VMware etc as this is a tanning center. I am now considering  2 model with Ryzen 5 1600 and Ryzen7 1700. 1. Is there will be any issue?

      is ti support

      Virtualization Technology (AMD-V)   Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)   VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT)  or all type of Virtualization Technology

      please help me by giving answer.

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          dont nail me on it - but i say yeah you can (and why do you think you cant? - its standard for years now)

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            As of AGESA VM environments are stable for the most part. There are still a lot of optimizations that need to be done. While Asus is one of my most  used vendors, Gigabyte and MSI have so far offered the best compatibility for VM environments on AM4.


            As for the host OS, I can't speak much from Windows as a host;  Red Hat VM is probably your best bet on bleeding edge kernels since AVIC and NPT are well supported. As for Vert I/O, this is one of the areas that's not as optimized as it can be since there still seems to be somewhat of an overhead, but it works great!


            Also I/O passthrough works now, but I have not personally tested this; last time I checked, there still was a limit on the number of USB devices (and NVME/Sata if combined) - again, this will eventually be ironed out.

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              If you have any passthrough plans dont go with KVM & AMD, because the implementation of nested paging is broke and noone is working on this and AMD is not willing to give any help (or fix the bug).


              If you have no passthrough plans you're totaly fine with the Ryzen series, else you can try use ESX(i)/Xen/Hyper-V.


              If you need KVM & passthrough, your only option is buying Intel.

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                  Intel is currently a lot more stable in regards to KVM/IOMMU, if you remember the issues with their last (not current) platform and struggles for at least 6 to 7 months! Anyway at the same time I think this would be perfect for a class setting to jump AM4 or even Threadripper for a more realistic VM environment. Think setup, troubleshooting, etc etc who learns on a perfect system - learn to think outside the box I would tell my students; ps efeu there is still work going on on a kernel level for the issues you mentioned - maybe not with direct involvement from AMD, but it's getting there (see alone what has changed since AGESA was released).

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                  Buy used Intel servers for a VMware lab. Not to rain on AMD's parade, but Intel has basically 99% of the server, and therefore, VMware market. You should really be teaching and learning on the hardware that dominates the market on an unprecedented level. There is no advantage, and every disadvantage to learning VMware on AMD hardware. (Would you want to sit in a job interview and explain why you ran your lab on AMD procs instead of Intel?)