A10 7850k Crossfire Options

Discussion created by systembuilder on Oct 12, 2017
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3 years since the release of the A10 7850 Kaveri, we have a number of different cards in the R7 x50 niche...


R7 240

R7 250

R7 250E

R7 250X

R7 255

R7 350

R7 350X

R7 450


Which are good for Hybrid Crossfire and which ones aren't? It seems that any of them might qualify, but some are Orland and some are Cape Verde. Some Orlands have DDR5 like the Cape Verde... and the Cape Verde's have DDR5 and the same number of shaders as Spectre integrated R7! So do all of them qualify, only some, or is it an experiment and see thing?