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    ASUS K550I


      I am having problems with the ASUS K550I


      Ever since I used the AMD graphics card software to update the drivers, there has been no peace for me. Every time I restart or start up from cold boot, I keep getting an error message about the PCI bus needed to be updated


      Now, I have constantly being prompted by the software to update the software, when I do update and then right-click, it claims that there is no drivers installed, even though the installation claims to have installed it


      I am at my wits end to solve this problem as I need this laptop for replacement of other laptops

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          Is this Asus model a laptop, motherboard, graphics card or PC? If it is a laptop you need to look into the drivers specific for it. If it has an A series AMD processor, they use different drivers than a standalone graphics card in a PC.

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            This is really annoying, I feel like smashing this laptop.

            This is why I don't want to get AMD graphics cards, because this issue is really putting me off


            Tried to update, but it still won't install cleanly like Nvidia based laptops, why the dark arts into installing updates on laptops? I thought we had gone past the stage where you need to be a rocket scientist to install software these days

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                Try to DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) the drivers you have installed and try again with the last Adrenalin drivers.
                If still don't work, DDU again and then install your proprietary ASUS drivers for your laptop and check if the issue get solved.

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                Tried DDU and all that jazz, it works but keeps updating or asking me to update, why is it always downloading the drivers/software when it isn't compatible with the integrated chip? ASUS doesn't update the drivers or put them on their website

                The model that shows on the registration page (ASUS) is X550IU