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Threadripper memory problem with 128Gb (8*16Gb)

Question asked by benja on Oct 3, 2017
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i've some problems with my Threadripper 1950x configuration.


I bought 16Gb*8 dimms (128Gb) but i'm not able to perform the BIOS POST with 8 dimms, removing a dimm i can perform the post but the OS see only 16Gb,

removing other 3 dimms, BIOS post work fine and OS can see (and use) all 64Gb (i know that 7 dimms conf is wrong for a quad channel..its only a test).


Googling i found some thread about similar issue with TR platform:

1950x Threadripper wont post with more than 64GB Ram - The Corsair User Forums

Strange issue with memory


I've open 1 ticket to ASROCK and 1 to AMD without a response from both...


I wrote also on "" forum and I found that 3 other guys have the same

problems with the same MB but different RAM, one guy in this thread have memory listed in the ASrock MB QVL but these doesn't work...


I'm really frustrated to see that 8*16Gb conf on threadripper platform is a true nightmare...googling to other X399 brands on Memory QVL

I can see that a very few kit are supported.


I know that BIOS are manufacturers responsability but AMD must work with his partner to support TR platoform (if MB doesn't work correctly, AMD

don't sell their CPU!!).


If I can't use 128Gb i must contact my eshop to ask a full refound and I need to buy an Intel x299 Platform, PLEASE NO!!!!!!!


AMD let's go! work with your partner and give us a better support!!!


My Conf (I'm not a gamer and i don't want overclock anything!!)

Asrock X399 Fatal1ty pro gaming - BIOS 1.50 - with AGESA

Ryzen Threadripper 1950x

Adata XPG DDR4 2400 CL 16-16-16  16GB * 8

Zotac Nvidia 730 GT

Samsung 960 Evo 1TB m2