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How serious is the AMD Ryzen segfault bug for "non-programmers"?

Question asked by coffeeman89 on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by black_zion

Greetings everyone.


So i bought my new Ryzen system literally just a week ago and yesterday, i heard per coincendence about this segfault bug when you compile something really heavy and parallelized under Linux. My Ryzen 7 1700's batch number is UA 1717SUT, so a CPU made before week 25 (my CPU was a real warehouse champion, damnit...) which is "faulty" i guess. I never tried out this kill ryzen script since i run Windows 10 and never use Linux and i never compile. That said, i only do "normal consumer stuff", like gaming, browsing, watching Youtube and Twitch etc.

Maybe i plan to do some streaming in the near future, which basically means encoding for the CPU, not actually compiling.


My question would be now: Do i really have to RMA my CPU? Can random bugs or crashes happen even with normal "consumer stuff"? Or is it fine and just a bit of panic making?

I'm really unsure and i would like to have some oppinions.


Thanks in advance.