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    Radeon Software Help Centre


      Any possibility of this amd.com/en/support/driverhelp being added to the forum Knowledge Base

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          Absolutely. I'll take care of it.

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            Thank you very much goodplay.
            On that page I was able to find everything I wanted to know.

            By the way,how do you get to the page from AMD's top page?

            It's too difficult for me to get to.

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              I’m really struggling with this forum - this was the only place I could open a discussion for my problem as I couldn’t figure out how to start a new thread.


              This seems to be a common trend with AMD actually - overly complicated simple functions.


              I want to re-scale my screen, but the GPU scaling is missing - I sm using Windows 10. This is after I have uninstalled the Crimson driver and replaced it with Catalyst but then it swaps back. This is happening ever since I had to wipe Windows 8.1 and reinstall it due to AMD’s terrible update programming - black screen beyond repair after constantly having to alter the drivers. I am right back where I started and now AMD put an obtuse CAPTCHA that only wotks when my phone is in landscape in the way, along with a forum that has as many reply and new thread buttons as Inhave GPU scaling sliders in the Display option if crappy Crimson.


              I don’t want Crimson, it’s always been terrible. In fact, I just uninstalled all AMD drivers and the scaling is fine, but I need the sharp images for production. I don’t play silly games, I produce videos.


              How the hell do I use my PC without hsving to uninstall drivers every time I log on?


              I have Windows 10

              AMD A10-7700K intergrated in an ASUS A88 motherboard, 16GB of RAM


              It all worked okay in Windows 8.1 but 8.1 became unusable after I reinstalled Windows.


              Please help - preferably remote support please.

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                please help me i have two graphic cards one is intel HD 5500 and another is AMD R7 M360. whenever i try to run any game it opens and for a while screen goes black and then game quits but when i disable AMD from device manager game works properly. please help me, i dont know how to solve it. please help me, thank you.