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    Ryzen 5 1600 USB issues


      Hello there,


      I think there might be an issue with the integrated usb controller in my ryzen 5 1600.


      USB devices are constantly failing, randomly disconnecting and at times not even visible when cold booting.

      I have tried three different wireless network adapters with the same results. All drivers are up to date, latest chipset drivers and mobo firmware has been installed.

      Steps I have done to resolve the issue:

      - replaced mobo, ram, power supply.

      -used latest firmware on both motherboards

      -used latest chipset drivers

      - checked voltages are correct

      -tested multiple adapter drivers

      - installed fresh installs of windows 10 3 times

      -adjusted windows power settings

      Current motherboard is MSI B350 Tomahawk with latest firmware, but I have also tested with an ASROCK B350 motherboard with the same results.

      please tell me what my options are and if this is a known issue.

      I am unable to return the processor to the store it was purchased from because it has passed the date of the stores return policy.


      Kind regards,


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          I'm having similar issues with a Threadripper 1950x and an Asus Zenith Extreme mobo. Our USB device disconnects randomly, and when it is connected, performance latency is huge. Also have latest drivers, firmware, and even tried a PCIe USB card with the same results.

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              That sounds like it might be a different issue because of the pcie card  if

              the card contains its own usb controller. double check your power supply to

              make sure it is beefy enough for your system, check your voltages and

              consider replacing it with a higher wattage unit.

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                  We are seeing it will all of the onboard USB controllers as well. Power supply has plenty of clearance to power the card, so I'm pretty sure that's not the issue. When the issue we're seeing presents itself, it is basically exactly the same for onboard USB as it is for the PCIe USB card. Just thought I'd chime in since it sounded similar to what I've been seeing, even if it's Ryzen vs Threadripper.

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                Well, I solved the problem for finally. Had to manually override the USB drivers that Windows wanted to use, with the ones in the AMD Chipset package. Don't know why it wouldn't use those to begin with, and it wants to revert back to the generic Microsoft drivers if I allow it to. Really frustrating that installing the AMD Chipset drivers didn't force Windows to use its drivers in the first place. If it helps, I manually selected the drivers from C:\AMD\AMD-Chipset-Drivers\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\USB... and then the corresponding ones for the controllers and hubs.

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                    I've tried those drivers and I Believe they are only for windows 7 I wasn't

                    able to get them to work can to tell me exactly what files and the location

                    u are using.... Are u running windows 10 or 7?

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                        I'm running Windows 10, and it does appear that the only ones in there are Windows 7, but they seem to work fine, and definitely better than the default Microsoft ones. For the hubs I'm using C:\AMD\AMD-Chipset-Drivers\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\USB30_ZP\amdhub\W764A\ and for the controllers I'm using C:\AMD\AMD-Chipset-Drivers-Software\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\USB30_ZP\amdxhc\W764A\.

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