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R7 260x defective no more downclock option?

Question asked by 4rum on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by kingfish

Hello. To be short, i bought r7 260x a few years back and had problems with it from the start. I assumed my older components were the issue. After I built a new pc, with the same GPU, the issues were the same, but the warranty was over....



The GPU/drivers or something hangs during gameplay, and the application freezes and has to be closed by force(all the time). I was able to more or less solve the issue by dowclocking the GPU frequency and the card was stable. The problem is, AMD software no longer seems to support going below the minimum frequency, what can I do?


Thank you for the help.





PS: Notsofunfact-since HD4770 and 5770 I had (bad luck, or do I need to learn more before purchasing?) purchased 3 AMD cards, for me or family, and all were defective. 1 was replaced under warranty, 1 had issue with youtube-BSOD and was fixed by friendly people on the internet, and this one...