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Can't switch from integrated graphics to dedicated graphics.

Question asked by essentialmaths on Aug 24, 2017

Yesterday I bought a laptop with an A9 7th generation processor and a Radeon R5 M430 dedicated graphics card with the intention of running some games on it along with general tasks. After checking the display adapters on Windows I see that it is using 'AMD Radeon R5 Graphics' as the preset display adapter and not 'AMD Radeon R5 M430' as its default display adapter. This would not bother me if when I tried to run Dead Island Definitive Edition on the lowest settings it didn't run at a solid 20 FPS. I have tried to use Catalyst and AMD Radeon Settings to fix this issue, both to no avail. I feel as though the best way to sort this issue would be to remove the R5 graphics and then have the dedicated card (M430) as the default display adapter, though I cannot find a way to do so. Please help!