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    10 bit color in recent updates not working.


      I don't know if I am doing something wrong of if AMD just broke 10 bit color on their recent updates.  Up until 17.7.2 I was able to pick 10 bit color when running 4k 24hz or 4k 30hz, only 8 bit with 4k 60hz.  This setting was in the old portion of Radeon settings.  With 17.7.2 (maybe earlier but I didn't update) this feature was moved under display in the main Radeon settings.  I don't mind the move, but now when I try and pick 10bpc while in 24 or 30hz it just goes back to 8bpc.  Why is this happening.  Obviously my card and TV can both use 10 bit at these resolutions as I have been using it for over a year.  But now it doesn't work.  FYI, I am now running the newest 17.8.1 and this issue still occurs.  Further info on my system is I am running a R9 390 with an active DP>HDMI 2 adapter to my receiver (all HDMI 2.0 ports) to my 4k TV (1 HDMI 2.0 port, using this one).  This has to be an issue with Radeon as no other changes were made other then updating software/drivers.  I marked this as a question though it isn't really, unless someone has an answer as to something I may have missed or done wrong.  Thanks.

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          Oh thank god now I know I'm not the only one suffering from this. I'm using w5100 connected with benq sw2700pt. Both of them support 10 bit color depth. However after I enable the 10 bit pixel format in Radeon advanced setting, a weird gradient blue bar appears on the top of Edge browser, I guess that's because 10 bit output for my graphic card is not working properly under win10, with the latest driver. I went to Photoshop to check the 10 bit support, I created a gradient from black to white, there was obvious color banding, which means 10 bit display is not working (although I enabled it in PS setting). It's really annoying that we are suffering from such a fundamental malfunctioning. I don't know what's the point for buying a professional graphic card that can't deliver 10 bit image properly. Still waiting for an update to fix it.

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              I have the same problem. I have the Radeon Pro WX 5100 which supports 10 bpc connected to two BenQ SW320 monitors, which also support 10 bpc (or 30-bit color), using displayport cables. Both the monitors and the WX 5100 are displayport 1.4 which supports 10 bpc. I'm running Windows 10 Pro x64 with 24 GB RAM on a 1TB system SSD drive. And when I set the driver to 10 bpc, the monitors blink out for a second or so, and when they return, its just in time to see the color depth setting revert to 8 bpc?!?!


              But I've also noticed that there are two places in the Radeon drivers where 10 bit color is mentioned: in the AMD Radeon Pro and AMD Firepro Settings dialog box that I mention above, where it reverts to 8 bpc when changed. But there's also a setting in the Advanced settings dialog box named "AMD Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro Settings". It's a different dialog box though it has the same name (it's white, not blue). There is a checkbox there that says Enable 10-bit format support. And when I enable it, bubble text above it says "Select this option to enable higher 10bit pixel precision formats. Use with medical imaging applications and displays that require higher precision imaging". This checkbox does NOT revert back  when it is selected. However, it does something funky to the colors of some applications, (selective color inversion?), and I have no way to know if it actually enables 10 bpc color. In addition, when it is enabled, the settings on the blue panel remain at 8 bpc, leaving me in a quandary wondering which one is accurate.

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              Hi I have the same issue now. Did you fix it?