Caution: Samsung NVMe drives cannot be securely erased if it is a boot drive

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So Amazon had (and still has) Samsung drives on a bit of a sale, so I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade both my NVMe drive as well as my games drive to the 960 Pro 512GB and 850 Evo 1TB, respectively, taking advantage of the 12 months no interest option from Amazon as well as the high resale value of my older drives which should defray nearly half the cost. When I looked for the boot time secure erase option for my 960 Evo, there's not one, there was one in the Samsung Magician 4 software, but for some reason it, along with a few other features, was removed with version 5 (version 4 does not support NVMe). I asked Samsung if there were a way, and this was their response, Which makes me kick myself for not waiting for Threadripper as those boards have multiple M.2 slots. So I had to order a PCIe NVMe adapter. I could have used Windows 10's Reset with deep clean then deleted the partition, but that'd knacker it too badly, or used my new Evo to install (but not activate) a copy of Windows 10, install Magician, secure erase, then go back and swap in my new 960 Pro, reimage, blow away the temp copy, and go on, but that's a massive PITA.


Just a heads up if you are thinking about getting a small NVMe drive now and upgrading it later.




   Julian - 2017-08-21 23:17:56 


This can only be done with the SSD being connected as secondary while booting off a different drive through Samsung Magician to perform this task.

Original Inquiry: I have a Samsung 960 Evo which I will be replacing with a higher capacity Samsung 960 Pro. This is my Windows drive. How can I securely erase the 960 Evo?