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Did I just destroyed 3 cores?

Question asked by werterror on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by ray_m

Hi there, I have realy weird issue. With latest bios update I decide to over clock my ryzen 5 1600 a little.

In first place I went to the bios, adjust voltage a little and increase cpu speed up to 3,7ghz (I think thats not much)

After that I decided to go for Ryzen master utility, by accident I instaled the one for threadripper instead the other one.

Threadripper app showed that I got all 6 cores working but didnt allowed me to change a anything So I go with reinstalation.

Instaled the correct app and it changed my cores down to 3 out of 6 and threads to 6 out of 8 (cpu-z data).

I just restared cmos and reinstaled ryzen master utility, nothing changed.

Master utility wants me to restart my PC if I want to able all cores, but that doesnt help.

If any one got some solution please help.