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    Will Ryzen work on windows 8.1?


      Will the w7 chipset drivers install on windows 8.1?  It seems strange AMD supports w7 and not 8/8.1.

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          Yes, it's sad. It seems that AMD dropped support for Windows 8.1. I probably can't install Crimson 17.7.2 for my R9 270, because is not officialy supported by Windows 8.1, but if you have old as dirt Win7 then you're good to go. I understand that Windows 8.1 owners are in the minority, and AMD saves money cutting off support, but anyway, it is sad.

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              AFAIK, Win7 drivers work fine on 8/.1.

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                  Nope.  I just tried.  I tried fresh installs of w8.0 and w8.1.  I tried chipset drivers and they won't install.  I tried w10 and w7 drivers.  I even tried downloading them from manufactures like asrock that list chipset drivers under w8/8.1 (my board is an asus b350m-a) - same error. 


                  Windows 8.1 will work.. but you won't ever get official chipset drivers.  I didn't fully test it though.  There could be other issues such as sata speeds or usb problems, but it boots and seem functional.  Ethernet drivers would install and work but with errors during installation.   Sata and sound drivers would not install.

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                      You have to have ryzen chipset driver unpacked. Probably you can unpack it without problems. After that go to devices and click update driver and choose the folder where you have unpack all files. Check the box for includesubfolders, and thats it.

                      I could install all the unidentified hardware on w8.1 pro ryzen 7 1700x and crosshair VI hero.

                      the one thing that i could not install is the power plan. but even without the power plan the system was solid stable.

                      Now i have to say that there is no way to know if those are all the things you need to install but, after switching to w 10 and choose custom on the chipset install i could see all the drivers that i've installed in w8.1 plus the power plan. no other thing was listed there.

                      So probably that really is all that you need to install w8.1 plus drivers from motherboard like sound/network/whatever


                      Edit: there is also a sata driver inside amd chipset. also don't forget usb drivers from motherboard (in my case asus crosshair 6 hero) and lan. well it should work just fine. i'm on w8.1 right now on ryzen 7 1700x (not overclocked)


                      Edit 2: i've abandoned w8.1 because for some strange reason windows didnt enjoy my x-fi sound card anymore. it kept writing logs every few seconds on my ssd about some events with sound card.


                      Edit 3: I've tried w7 and found out that the stuttering from w8.1 are also present on w7. so far the only os that has no problem with my game (yes only 1 game) is w10. w8.1 and w7 produce micro freez every 2-3 seconds and i have no clue whats wrong with it

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                        actually I very recently built a system with an MSI x370 gaming pro carbon, ryzen 1700x and MSI rx 560 Aero OC.



                        and for me I could get stuff good enough, chipset and GPU drivers i iirc pulled from the AMD site for win7 and they work well enough.


                        but it's kinda sad that win8.1 was axed especially considering the system was still in main support, unlike win7.