AMD, Inventec Unveil One PetaFLOP Project 47

Discussion created by black_zion on Jul 31, 2017

1 PFLOP in a single rack...Heh, all the government has to do is order up a thousand of these and voila, instant EFLOP system, though one wonders if AMD would throw in a nuclear reactor to power a thousand of these. At 30GFLOPS per watt, and 1 PFLOP = 1,000,000 GFLOPs, that's...33.334 Kilowatts to run the rack, not to mention the air conditioning cost... Check that math.


AMD Project 47 Supercomputer Packs 1 Petaflop in a Single Rack | Custom PC Review



Packing 20 AMD EPYC 7601 CPUs, 80 Radeon Instinct Vega GPUs, and 10TB of DDR4 memory, the Project 47 is capable of up to 1 petaflop, or about 1,000 teraflops of single precision compute performance.

The EPYC 7601 has 32 cores, so 620 CPU cores and...327,680 stream processors adding up all the Radeon Instinct chips at 4096 each.