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Samsung CF791 - Screen flickering in certain situations - 280X

Question asked by hsanchezv on Jul 27, 2017
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I've bought Samsung CF791 monitor (3440x1440) coming from a 1080p monitor.


The problem is I'm getting flickering on desktop when moving cursor on windows, but surprisingly, the flickering isn't happening while I'm in game or when I plug a second monitor in extended mode and the new monitor as main, so fortunately it seems is not a monitor problem (or that I think).


I've tried with 17.4.4, 17.7.1 and 17.7.2 drivers. Also install monitor drivers, both HDMI and Display Port cables,  60hz~100hz frequencies...


Monitor: CF791 using DisplayPort 1.2

SO: Windows 10 Pro (creators update)

GPU: 280X (waiting for Vega, that's the point of a ultrawide QHD monitor, but can be my old GPU having bad response with the monitor?)

Memory: OC 2933mhz (maybe a memory leak issue caused by the OC?)


I'am fine with the solutions I found, but I would love to solve this annoying problem.


All ideas are welcomed.




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