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    AMD replaces VSync with Enhanced Sync in ReLive 17.7.2


      AMD Introduces 'Enhanced Sync' Framerate Synchronization Technology


      AMD’s new Enhanced Sync technology works with any display, whether it supports FreeSync or not. Enhanced Sync is a replacement for VSync (it's unclear if VSync remains as an option, but why would you use it?) and works hand-in-hand with FreeSync technology. Unlike VSync, Enhanced Sync doesn’t lock the frame rate maximum to the display’s refresh rate. Instead, it uncaps the frame rate to reduce latency in exchange for some mild tearing.


      When your GPU can't output frames at the same pace as your monitors refresh rate, Enhanced Sync prioritizes decreased stutter over eliminating tearing. That is, where Vsync strives to remove tearing completely, Enhanced sync allows occasional tearing instead of allowing the GPU to repeat the previous frame and introduce a momentary stutter.


      AMD’s Enhanced Sync technology is part of Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.7.2, which is available now from AMD’s website.