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W2100 - 10-bit pixel format support Issue

Question asked by paulus1 on Jul 24, 2017
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I have a question about 10bit pixel format on my W2100 card. I use two monitors for work. Samsung as the standard monitor for normal work and second one eizo SX226W monitor for photos and photoshop. I have never had a problem with the checkbox 10-bit format support.
After the last update driver of my card, I went back to the card setup to check the 10-bit transmission settings when I restarted the computer, so I saw the picture atteched.


By default, I have a second monitor turned off and I only use it when I work with photos. I have tried to upnlug the cable from Samsung monitor a plug again and... problem doesn't exist, until when I restart my PC, problem with color come back. I have tried tu uninstal the newest drivers, and install the drivers from win 10 (oldest CCC from 2015), and tried to checbox 10-bit support and restart... problem doesn't exist with these old drivers. I noticed that when I switch the second monitor and go into the card setup, I also see that the current color depth is 10-bit even though I do not have the main checkbox enabled (see attached picture). I don't know if is my setting is correct now.


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