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Can't Update or Install AMD Driver

Question asked by mrjane on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by kingfish

So, when I was trying to update to the latest drivers, my computer froze. I let it sit for quite some time (over an hour) and nothing was happening, so I had to hard reset.


When I tried to update the driver again, I got this message: "LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The module could not be found". When I tried to uninstall, I got the same message. I thought if I just manually delete the drivers, I might be able to install. Now when I try to uninstall, it just tells me the uninstall files are missing.


So, I can't update and I can't uninstall.

A bit of Googling offered this solution:

Type this into a cmd, after running as an Administrator

C:\Windows\System32\ copy atio6axx.dll .dll


But, it just tells me that the system cannot find the file specified. I also tried a system scan (sfc /scannow), but it didn't find anything wrong.

Anyone have an idea or what to try next?



Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 240

Desktop, Windows 10 64 bit

No driver installed (hence the problem)

Display: old crappy Dell monitor

I have no idea what motherboard or BIOS, is it really necessary?

Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz

No idea about power supply, again, necessary?

8GB of RAM