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    AMD Sata Controller is faulty


      Hi! After building my new rig I noticed that my audio would stutter sometimes when using the computer. I literally did everything until I stumbled on a post on sysnative forums that had the same problem as me. So my Windows 10 64-bit (Creators Update) doesn't seem to use the Amd driver at all. When I click scan for hardware changes in device manager my system halts for a second and audio stutters. Changing the Amd Sata Controller to Microsoft Sata Ahci driver fixes these audio issues. The audio stutters would happen in games when Windows tried to use/update the drivers.

      The user on sysnative fixed the issue by placing the Amd Sata Controller driver to system32 manually and loading it using Windows driver loader. So something is definitely wrong with the driver. There seems to be 1.3.276 from 2015 and one from 2016 and both have the same problem. I am not sure if these issues are caused by the driver or by Windows.

      So is there anything I can do to log the problem and help you guys fix it? It's kinda weird that a driver from 2006 works better than one from 2016...

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          Have you updated the AMD chipset drivers as well?

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            My AMD Sata driver is, from 2015.  Works fine--no problems at all.  Win10x64, build 16237.  Generally speaking, problems with sound more often involve the sound-card driver.  I've never seen your problem in my AMD system--the only time I've had trouble with sound, the correct sound-card driver fixed it.

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                Yes because that driver isn't probably broken. Running latencymon and scanning for hardware changes causes HUGE latency spike. Changing the AMD driver so Microsoft's default driver fixes this. System is running at full speed without storport.sys latency spikes or audio stutters even when scanning for hardware changes.

                I am 100% this is a problem with the driver or in Windows itself. My audio drivers are fine. Even when removing Realtek's software and using older/newer drivers; the audio stutters happen if I have my AMD Sata drivers installed and Windows tries to check for updates for it. There was some errors in system event log with AMD driver installed. I have cleaned them so I don't remember 100% what they were but they were errors/warnings about Windows driver updates/access is denied when trying to update the driver.


                But when running Microsoft's default driver, they detect my third SSD and HDD as portable devices. They worked correctly in my previous build. Windows installs WPD drivers for them for some reason and I can't change them back to internal drives. I've done registery editing, hot plugging is disabled, bios is updated etc. So my conclusion has come to this; Windows doesn't detect them correctly with that old driver and treats them as portable devices. In my old system the AMD driver worked/installed correctly and they were detected correctly.

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                    I just noticed the Kingston SSD Manager as well - are you using that? I've had problems in the past with on an older platform (AM3) + Windows 10. It wasn't just with my Kingston SSD's, but also Samsung's Smart app. After uninstalling their "helper" programs all issues went away. Try disabling those and use JUST the Windows (or AMD's) supplied drivers.

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                        Kingston SSD Manager and Samsung Magician aren't running. I use them to update the firmawares of my ssds. I tried uninstalling both but it made no difference. Amd's Sata driver just refuses to work correctly. The Microsoft's Sata driver works just fine. Like I said, it's a driver or Windows problem.

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                    So are here any AMD employees that would actually help with this problem or is this forum ran by community? I can do system/driver logging if needed but that's useless if you don't point me to the proper logging tools and where to submit the data.

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                      hi ya'll,

                      same and other issues have been a very serious problem with my system since win10

                      was 'installed' for 'free' with an ms automatic download ...


                      win7 prior version was working fine, more or less, no doubt a lot faster that it is now ....


                      since the win10 installation, i had hard drive boot blue screens of death,

                      bought and installed a brand new hard drive just to be sure (previous drive was fine, ran all tests),

                      hard drive very high activity 100%,

                      and audio sound rattles, skips, buzzes, stutters, gags, stutters, you name it .... awful, audio pretty much unusable ...


                      hard disk is spinning almost continuously driving the system to a hang-like-status, sometimes freezing completely for up to 20 mins ...

                      it's insane ... ms offered 'help' a couple of times, had to download/install huge 'windows assessment' toolkit,

                      take huge system traces, ms blamed the ahic driver/bios mode that would need to be changed

                      without being aware that hp does not allow bios settings mode changes like other mobos do,

                      and ... nothing changed and the situation is the same up to the day ... awesome ...


                      the system is off the shelf:

                      hp amd64

                      amd sata/ide driver   6/28/2013

                      OS 10.0.16299 Build 16299.192

                      HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC

                      Processor AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 1500 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

                      BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.49, 12/25/2012

                      SMBIOS Version 2.7

                      Embedded Controller Version 24.26

                      BIOS Mode Legacy


                      what can to be done to bring the system to 'normal' ?


                      thanks in advance for your help

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                        I have this same issue. Changing both ide drivers to Microsoft generic AHCI and trying that.