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My RX580 is stuck at 100% fb-usage ?!

Question asked by pgeon on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by rebelyell

Hello everyone,

I bought a new graphics card, but somethings seems off.


Specs :

PowerColor Rx580

i7-6700k @4Ghz

Asus Z170-A

be quiet! dark Rock pro 3

be quiet! straight power 10 500W

250 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD

16 GB ram


Windows 10 built 15063 64 bit

Radeon Crimson Software Ver. 17.6.2.

BenQ XL 2730Z - 1440p, 144 HZ


Sooo, this issue occured directly after installing the graphics card.

What I noticed first is that the  fans work harder than they should in Idle.

Also, the performance of the card is not that great. I get stuttering with CSGO, only 45 fps in Furmark (with a score of2500 points) without AA, with AA it's 8 fps ...


Anyhow, after looking up the specs, I noticed that my fb-usage is 100% ( not the gpu usage, it's 16% all the time )no matter what I do, may it be in idle, while surfing or playing @144Hz 1440p.

I am really confuesd and don't know whether it could be a driver issue, some wrong bios settings or if I have to get anothert card again, which is pretty much impossible in the current market. And I would really like to avoid having no graphics card until Vega comes out.


These Screenshots were made while playing Overwatch and after.

Screenshots while gaming - Album on Imgur