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    i want to know my pc's working-


      i have a all in one pc. i want to know its working-

      General Information :
      NorthBridge :AMD 760g



      NorthBridge :AMD K10 Bridge
      SouthBridge :ATI SB700



      what are north bridge and south bridge?

      do my pc has a motherboard?

      what if i want to change the mother board?

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          Hello pal,


          In most cases, All-in-One PC is an integrated system, in other words, all the components often integrated onto the circuit designed specifically, but one might possibly have chances to replace the processor. In your system, the North Bridge is ATI/AMD 760G, a slimmed down version of 780G for entry level market; the south bridge might possibly be the ATI/AMD SB700/710/750, because those devices use the same device id so it is hard to differentiate by the software utilities. The AMD K10 Bridge is integrated on the AM3 processor die. If you want to change the motherboard, you better contact with the manufacturers of your PC.  

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              hello unknown,

              thanks for your reply,

              i want to change the processor and gpu-

              i have found some cpus for AM3 socket-

              1. AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor

              2. Phenom II X4 980


              I got to know that all in one pc are not ment to upgrade gpus

              can i use a mobility GPU?

              or a external GPU

              can i replace the whole southbridge with a mobility gpu

              PLEASE HELP!!

              i have tried to contact lenovo but its not working i can't find technical support

              (is thier any AMD store in india?)

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              Up till recently The CPU used the Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets for communication with other devices.



              * RAM

              * PCI Express (also AGP, PCI)

              * Integrated video



              * communication with drives (hard drive, DVD, etc.)

              * communication with USB devices

              * other I/O devices


              Note the Nortbridge has a direct connection to the CPU while the Southbridge has to use the Nortbridge to communicate with the CPU.


              The trend has been to gradually integrate the function supplied by the Northbridge and Southbridge directly into the CPU die itself. This is evident with the recent AMD Ryzen CPUs.


              In the past AMD CPUs and APUs have used different sockets.

              CPUs: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+

              APUs: FM1, FM2, FM2+


              This year this is changing with AMDs AM4 socket which is to be used with all future AMD CPUs and APUs.

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