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rx 480 dual monitor no signal on displayport

Question asked by ggp on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by amdmatt

Hello, i have 2 monitors on my msi rx 480

Monitor 1 [working fine] Benq 60Hz connected from dvi-i to rx's hdmi port.

Monitor 2 [not working] Viewsonic 60Hz conected from hdmi to rx's displayport using an hdmi to displayport adapter (

Both were working fine, until 5days ago i rebooted windows, and Monitor 2 didn't work anymore.


My setup:

  • desktop pc
  • micro: AMD 8350FX
  • mobo: Gigabyte 970A-UD3
  • ram: 16GB
  • OS: Windows 10pro 64bits
  • Raedon Crimson software 17.6.2
  • PSU: Cooler Master Thunder 700w


What i tried:

  • I connected Monitor 2 hdmi to hdmi and it works just fine, instantly recognized by windows and raedon software. So i know the monitor is not the problem.
  • I tried changing the adapter i was using to connect the hdmi from the monitor to the rx480's DP. New adapter, and it didn't solve the problem.
  • I tried a single cable hdmi to DP, it didn't work either.
  • unplug the power cord from the monitor and press the turn off button 10seconds to start the power cycle. Nothing changed.
  • updated my mother board bios.
  • cleaned the pc, removed the ram and the rx 480, cleaned, and put them back.
  • uninstall and re install drivers. Done it several times, first manually then (several times) with DDU.
  • install old amd drivers, tried with the 16.x.x ones, nothing changed.
  • i tried connecting the other monitor to the displayport (i tried on all the 4 dp ports) its the same
  • i prayed to the gods old and new ones, it didn't work either.


I was about to belive my rx480 is the problem but i noticed this:


when i remove all the drivers using the DDU program, then i update using the windows update app

i noticed windows start finding the other monitor:

(i know it's in spanish)

so look at the highlight, it says non PnP generic Monitor, below you can see the PnP generic monitor, that one is the Benq (monitor 1, working fine)

so after i removed all the drivers and only installed the microsoft ones, windows start showing me 2 monitors, even tho one of them it's presented

like he can't configure or talk to it.

this is the screen configuration for windows, everything is grey i can't change anything.

the screens are configured to be "extended" but monitor 2 is on "no signal" all the time.


So next i installed the 17.4.4 Raedon Catalyst software.

After the reboot i can see this:

So you can see, the raedon software also knows there is something at the displayport... but somehow

it doesn't know what is it.


So i update the software to the last version 17.6.2

and now i see this:

(yeah i finally changed to english, sorry )

it only shows 1 display, and windows device mangaer also only shows 1 monitor.

Now if i go and power cycle the Monitor 2, i can hear the window's sound when you plug or unplug

a device, i see a flickering on my screen but nothing changes at the crimson software or the windows

device manager.


So, first i'm sorry for the long post, i really tried a lot of things before coming here. I read all the forums

i can, and try to solve this by myself. Sadly i can't do anymore, i'm out of ideas, and i'm really desperated.

I don't understand why this happened and I really need some help here. please.