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    RX 480 HW Acceleration


      MSI Gaming X RX480 (2 vBios Tested) (All drivers after February tested)
      Asus X370 C6H   Also with Gigabyte 990XA UD3
      Ryzen 1700         Also with Phenom2 955
      2 PSUs Tested,
      Authentic software, multiple clean installations of Windows 10 pre and post Creator's


      After using MPC-HC as a media player with various decoders, as well as using Adobe Lightroom I have noticed the 2 bugs and their correlation with HW acceleration.
      The issue is NOT by default appearing all the time but has a starting point and then it gets persistent. Reinstalling Drivers solves the situation temporarily.


      Replication: Usually when 2 or more applications use hw acceleration for media at the same time. ie youtube playback and lightroom usage. Can happen with only one application as well.
      Effects: Sometimes a short blink on the screen similar to driver crash, after this, the performance of anything playing with HW acceleration, drops below "un-accelerated". Media player MPC-HC and VLC(all hw decoders) at the start of playback freeze the whole machine for 3-4 seconds, Youtube drop frames on high bitrates and lightroom needs 1-2 full seconds to transition between 2 photos with filters and general sluggish performance(on a nvme drive).

      The GPU while the problem persists, seems to respond to the acceleration by throttling up albeit with a bit delay and stucking the card at max speeds does not improve performance at all.


      Workaround: Beyond re-installation, deactivating HW acceleration fixes all issues at the expense of CPU usage.


      Has anyone found a solution to the problem? Usage of older drivers is not an issue to me since AAA gaming is not a priority.

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          You can try older drivers here > Desktop

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            For now I can not re-produce your issue, also I do not use Lightroom so I have no idea about it.


            But, for MPC-HC and youtube , this is my experience(on latest Creators drivers):

            1.If your Windows 10 is post Creators, pleas use 17.6.2, use older pre Creators driver with DXVA will caused TDR on my case.

            2.MPC-HC or DXVA player : try to switch to DXVA native if you are using copy-back.

            3.Youtube: Chrome or Firefox has a plug-in "H264ify", try it. MS Edge is default h.264 so no need to do anything.

            Give up VP9(4k) for now.(Chrome default is to use VP9)

            4.For clean testing,while using DXVA, disable Relive feature on Radeon Settings. and not using Lightroom.

            For the VP9 I have a thread but never got a real answer so only can give it up:

            16.12.1 VP9 Decode Acceleration still high CPU usage on RX460


            If, you still have issue on using H.264 DXVA native , I wonder maybe the card or other hardware things has some issue.


            I use RX470 , I wonder RX480 is not so different from RX470.(but only performance)

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