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RX 480 HW Acceleration

Question asked by cyricor on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by vonchen

MSI Gaming X RX480 (2 vBios Tested) (All drivers after February tested)
Asus X370 C6H   Also with Gigabyte 990XA UD3
Ryzen 1700         Also with Phenom2 955
2 PSUs Tested,
Authentic software, multiple clean installations of Windows 10 pre and post Creator's


After using MPC-HC as a media player with various decoders, as well as using Adobe Lightroom I have noticed the 2 bugs and their correlation with HW acceleration.
The issue is NOT by default appearing all the time but has a starting point and then it gets persistent. Reinstalling Drivers solves the situation temporarily.


Replication: Usually when 2 or more applications use hw acceleration for media at the same time. ie youtube playback and lightroom usage. Can happen with only one application as well.
Effects: Sometimes a short blink on the screen similar to driver crash, after this, the performance of anything playing with HW acceleration, drops below "un-accelerated". Media player MPC-HC and VLC(all hw decoders) at the start of playback freeze the whole machine for 3-4 seconds, Youtube drop frames on high bitrates and lightroom needs 1-2 full seconds to transition between 2 photos with filters and general sluggish performance(on a nvme drive).

The GPU while the problem persists, seems to respond to the acceleration by throttling up albeit with a bit delay and stucking the card at max speeds does not improve performance at all.


Workaround: Beyond re-installation, deactivating HW acceleration fixes all issues at the expense of CPU usage.


Has anyone found a solution to the problem? Usage of older drivers is not an issue to me since AAA gaming is not a priority.