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    GTA V does not see the full 4GB on R8 M445DX card on laptop. It only shows 1024mbs. Why?


      I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5565 laptop with FX 9800P processor and the R8 M445DX(512 mgb(primary) of R5 + 4GB of R7) combination for graphics. And I have been able to bend it to my will on most games. However, it seems like GTA 5 does not want to see the 4gb on this card. It only shows 1024 and that is causing textures not loading in the city and all sorts of stupid lags. I know it might depend on the version of the game too, as I have seen videos of people on youtube claiming to have the same specs while showing the full 4gb of VRAM on their settings. I have tried changing the direct x version to 10 and changing my driver and so far nothing seems to convince the game that I have 4gb of video memory(Or maybe I don't!). On Arkham Knight it was showing something like 500mg of VRAM. I don't get it. Any help will be appreciated.