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    Ryzen 1700X Default Soc Voltage


      Hi all,

      I want to know this thing: i have a Crosshair VI HERO and a Ryzen 1700X. I have noticed that default SOC Voltage with ddr4 2133 is 0.9v. But if i change RAM with ddr4 2400, i see that SOC voltage auto increase to 1.050V instead of 0.9V. Everything is set to AUTO. I want know if this voltage increase is requested by CPU itself or it's an Asus Bios feature. And a SOC Voltage of 1.050V can be dangerous or reduce CPU lifetime? Which is maximum SOC safe voltage? Thank you very much..

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          I have the same board and a 1800X, it's a nice Motherboard.


          The board is regulation the SOC voltage applied, based on DRAM frequency.


          Default SOC voltage is 1.0000v. There is no such thing as a safe maximum voltage, once you start increasing voltage above stock values we cannot promise it is safe and by doing so you could void your warranty and shorten the lifespan of your processor.


          Taking the above into consideration, values up to 1.175v can be used when using higher memory frequencies.