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ATI Radeon Xpress driver update for OpenGL

Question asked by dant138 on May 13, 2017
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To all AMD graphics card, driver experts on here, I am hoping someone can help me.


I have an old Toshiba Satellite laptop, with ATI Radeon Xpress Series display adapter, the driver version is 8.561.0.0 (01/12/2008) according to Window 7 hardware properties.



The laptop originally came with Window Vista, and I upgraded to Window 7 ages ago. The laptop is fully functional, enough for what I need. Recently one of the software on the laptop has been updated, and it requires the driver with OpenGL support, hence the software is not fully working, some display is missing, or flickering.


After searching high and low without any luck, I wonder if one of you experts can advise if there is any display driver that is compatible with my graphic card but also with OpenGL support, before I invest in a new laptop?


Many thanks for your time and help in advance.