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    My System Crashes and Restarts




      I came here for help after a long research. I have problems with my rx 580 aorus xtr. The problem is that my system is restarting and games are crashing. Two most common problems are when cs go loading screen appears, the system would restart. There have been some games like gta v that just froze completly with no error message.



      i7 4790

      gigabyte z97x gaming 3

      16gb ram

      Aorus rx 580 xtr 8gb (latest amd drivers)

      corsair vs650 psu

      samsung 850 evo 250gb ssd

      1tb wd black hdd


      Things I alredy tryed:

      - My psu (R9 290X ran just fine)

      - Tryed the gpu in ryzen 7 1700 system (WORKED FINE except some stuttering in cs go)

      - Some games run just fine (bf1, rainbow6 siege)

      - Reinstalled driver 3 times

      - Installed fresh win 10 install



      Today I reverted drivers to 17.4.4 and cs go sees to stop crashing. I tested if things work in other games and got a crash with buzzing noise afer half an hour of playing far cry 4.


      Thanks for all your answers!


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          Please try setting your Power Limit to +50% and clicking apply.

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            I have been having the same issue every since I got my RX 580. It's definitely the Radeon software. Some versions were more stable on certain games

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              I might have found a fix for the driver crash/restart. So, it seems to be stable only when you dial in your manual clock for the last 5 power states in wattman. (it could be an underclock, stock voltage or even an overclock ). I also tried the dynamic setting (-5%) but it keeps restarting the driver. If I manually dial in my clock for the last 5 power states, it seems to be stable (for now), even when I overclock to 1400mhz. This leads me to think it's either a driver related problem, or a PSU problem (Seasonic 520W bronze in my case), as it can't handle the switch between power phases (remember the hasswell idle problem?  ). I intend to get another PSU and see if there are any problems after that, but this should be a fix for now (I hope).


              Hope this makes any sense, thanks !

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                  I seem to be having the same problem as you and was excited to try this but it's unclear. In these last 5 states, should the settings be the same in each of the boxes? And you're talking about only voltages and not GPU speed? Or the other way around?



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                      Sorry to see that the OP isn't following this thread. I had been running a R9 280 for over 3 years on this exact PC with NEVER an issue. I upgraded to the 580 and the newest driver at the same time (I did use the driver cleanup tool). Seemed to be stable for a few days and then wammy. Kept crashing out of NBA 2k17. It would crash to the desktop and the AMD driver screen was transparent - would have to reboot. Now, I did a lot of things over a couple days but I'm quite sure it was gunnerix's tip that did it. I manually set the last 5 states to 1410 mhz (std high speed) and 1150 (mV I assume) and also ramped up the fan profile to keep it about 10 C cooler (from about 165 F to the 150's IIRC). I was able to game for quite a few hours after this change. I'll do some more testing by making one change at a time to try to narrow it down for sure.

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                          Okay, I've been gaming for days since this last change and we're all good. Don't get me wrong, struggling with crashing for hours over days is BS - AMD needs to get this fixed. But instead of ramping up GPU speed over the last five states, I just raised the voltage to 1150mv. See below. I've also lowered the max GPU temp, the fan noise doesn't bother me since I use headphones.


                          wattman settings stable.PNG


                          Keywords: AMD RX580 Sapphire resolved fixed work around crashing

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                              If you lowered the "Target" (Bad choice of words) slider to 45c and the Max" to 70c-75c your fans will become involved at 45c and gradually increase as needed to keep at or under the "max" setting.

                              If you also raised the Power Limit to +50 you would stop throttling your card under heavy (gaming) load.

                              You might find you don't have to touch anything else...leave at automatic.

                              AMD graphics performance


                              Screenshot_10 (2).png

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                                hello guys, i have the same issue since a week.

                                pubg is crashing randomly, pc freezes, screens go black, even league of legends crashes and so on.

                                so i decided to get on this problem and try to find out what is happening.

                                first of all i use the msi rx 580 gaming x with 8gb (that is important i guess)

                                i had the issues that pubg was microstuttering every 3-4 sek, some strange "screenflashes" and sometimes it had freezes like 1-2 sek .

                                after a look into hwinfo, while sitting on pubg lobbyscreen, it told me that my clockspeed is bouncing between 1380 and 1150 or lower

                                i raised the powertarget to +50% because i thought it will be more stable on clock and maybe stop stuttering, but then the crashing was even faster and it kept stuttering.

                                i tried to undervolt it from 1150 mV to just 1145 mV and startet pubg. the lobby is actually a good stress test for every gpu that cant reach the fps limit of 144 fps.

                                so i let it run and got a crash after about 2 mins. gpu temp was 75°C and fan speed on 1800 rpm.

                                now im sure that it runs at the lowest possible vcore for 1380 Mhz and the powertarget is still not let it stay there. (PT is around 185w)

                                <FIX> (for the guys that dont want to read everything) <FIX>

                                i think because its bouncing up and down between the powerstates, the VRM's just get to hot after a while and cant hold up the vcore.

                                so i lowered my gpu frequenzy by -3 and let everything else untouched but the powertarget 10%. now it runs stable at 1340 mhz because the -3% also lowers the vcore as long as it stays on auto. the VRM's are not cooled that well on the msi rx 580, thats why this is important.

                                it seems like the fans are not spinning at the gpu temp only, if the VRM's are geting hot they start to blow very hard.

                                after the new setup my gpu temp droped down from 75°C to around 68°C in the lobby and the fans are spining around 1700 rpm. (totally fine)

                                BUT now it comes, if i tab out of pubg, the gpu temp shortly drops to mid 50's °C and goes up again to around 70°C. (the lobbyscreen in background still lets the gpu  run at 100%)

                                the fans are geting a little bit out of control now and raise up to about 2200 rpm and stay there for a long time. if i tab in again they raise up to 2400 rpm and the gpu temp is already droped to 64°C. it takes a while for them to get down to there 1700 rpm and even if i close the game they are very very slowly going back, even if the gpu temp is already on 45°C. that makes me almost sure the VRM's got a heat problem with the latest drivers pushing the rx 580's to the limits.

                                hope i can help a bit and maybe if somebody reads amd can check whats going on here.


                                update: rolled back to an older driver, the 18. drivers seems to be not stable right now, im back to 17.12.1 and for now league runs without crashes.

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                                    Interesting, I've since purchased a Vega 56 and still had massive crashing issues for weeks. I have other posts on here about it. Kept trying everything, RAM timings for the system RAM and kept thinking the issue was settings on the Wattman page. Of course this went on for many months so I must have tried over 10 different drivers. In the end, at least for my two games, it turns out my issue were with conflicting graphics settings (between the AMD driver and and in-game settings). I wish I could remember more details. But both frame rate settings and visual settings on the graphics tab (FRTC, sync, possibly even AA settings). Have now played Mass Effect for many 10's of hours with no crashing. Am also finding that the game profiles don't always seem effective for whatever reason (I'm running a Steam and Origin game) so sometimes before I switch from Mass Effect to NBA 2k17 or vice-versa, I manually change the global driver settings to what's needed - as opposed to trusting the profile to set the correct driver settings.


                                    I'd do a clean re-install of the drivers and start from scratch testing the graphics settings. Start with no enhancements on the graphics tab and work from there. In fact, in both of my games I've found no need to override the in-game settings with the driver settings for things like AA and AF.

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                            One more update. I believe my issues starting with the 580 through my current Vega RX56 can be narrowed down to two things: incompatible driver/game video settings (this has been sorted out for a while) and Windows 10 updates. Recently, again, I started having the same issues as before. That is, the "Radeon settings host application stopped working" error both while playing and sitting at the desktop and the error that says your video card might have been removed.


                            It got very bad again just the other day after weeks of stability and I realized the only thing that had changed is the March Win 10 Cumulative update. I uninstalled it, rebooted (then accidentally uninstalled Feb and Jan).... in the end, NO OTHER CHANGES and right away, back to super stable.


                            I want to share this with all people that are crashing but would rather game - I thought I'd at least post it here.

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                              I've found out that auto driver update from win10 messed up with one I manual installed (Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4). So I turned it off, and now everything has been working just fine since then (for 1 month without crash).

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                                Does this have a definitive solution?

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                                    Well, I can tell you I have personally solved all the TDR crashes, though still occasionally get a driver crash that requires a reboot since I have the TDR check off. Does your Event Viewer show "amdkmap.sys stopped responding" or something like that? If so, I think that means it's related to the TDR "feature". Try setting TDR level to 0. Let me paste my other post on this below. If you reply to this and provide some details I can look at this registry key of mine and see what settings are there. Suffice it to say I've backed up that key since it's pretty damn stable now.


                                    "I need to post this in the forum, but I had this problem for almost a year (see here my terrible crashing for months fixed - RX 580 and Vega RX56 ) and I was ... losing my mind. In short, I had NO stability issues for almost 3 years with an Intel box and an R9 280. I upgraded to an RX580 and started to get the amdkmdap error constantly. Then the Vega RX56 came on sale and I hoped that the 580 was defective and the Vega would fix the issue. Nope. These crashes were just constant, no matter what I was doing.


                                    Now, I have a few posts on this forum about this and thought I had it figured out a couple times, thinking something else was causing it, but no. I've fixed it now. NO MORE CRASHING. It took me a very long time to track down the specific problem by starting to take notes to any changes made by me, Windows Updates or driver updates. I had tried the TDR_Delay fix and that seemed better for a while but wasn't good enough. Also, either this key or another key (I'm not at home to see my notes) kept changing even DURING my gaming sessions. I'd set it, it would be fine as long as it remained then the O/S would change it back and it would crash.


                                    Okay, the fix for me was to set (or add the key) TdrLevel to "0". This means that a graphics driver crash means you'll need to fully reboot the PC, but I had no choice. I had so many nights where I couldn't even play for 3 or 4 minutes without a crash. Here's a URL that describes the key. TDR Registry Keys | Microsoft Docs


                                    One interesting note. On my work PC which is running Windows 10 1803, there are no TDR keys at all. So, I'm wondering if the cause of going from a system that had an AMD card (the R9 280) and was stable for years and then the frequent crashing (after upgrading to the 580) is because AMD added the TDR key themselves with the newer cards."

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                                    Bought an RX580 two days ago and it won't stand up to any sort of gaming load for longer than 10 minutes. I can see a lot of people saying here to play with voltages and such, but I'm not even thinking about it. Strangely benchmarks seems to be performing much better than actual games from Bliz or Steam


                                    Isolated every component to the extent it can only be a bad card or bad driver, or both.


                                    I'll try to RMA this guy one time then just get a refund (the shop that sold it is quality) and a different card. I came from an old R9 which had some stability issues but this is just hilarious. Might have to just bite the bullet and start forking out for upmarket cards if this is a Radeon-wide problem.

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                                        What are the messages for your crashes in the event viewer? My post from December 10th above might help. I had just constant crashing for about a year and I now go many hours and days without issues. I'm happy now.

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                                            "Display driver AMDKMDAP stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


                                            I tried disabling TDR but it didn't have any effect, and from what I

                                            understand I'd have to reapply the regedit every time there's a reboot or

                                            windows update which is just dirty.


                                            This was supposed to be an MSI OC card but I don't think it was load

                                            tested. I've improved stability somewhat by lowering the core clock to

                                            about 1300 and upping the voltage. Strangely the card performs much better

                                            in benchmarks than actual games which makes me suspicious of the Radeon

                                            software impact as well.


                                            I just feel a little jilted because I was looking for a GPU to whack in and

                                            worry about other things rather than take on a huge fixer-upper project,

                                            the AMD cards weren't like this last time I bought one.


                                            Edit: Have to eat my hat on this one now. Because I was drawing the correct voltages during OCCT I had ruled out the PSU.


                                            When I swapped my old R9 285x in the machine wouldn't boot. Realized something was wrong and hotwired in my old 650w - boom. Stable during gaming. fr


                                            As the build was only a Ryzen 5 2600 and rx580 I thought 550w would be enough, still think so, must have been a dodgy supply. Power draw should only be about 490-500w and I don't need headroom for expansion.


                                            Lesson learned not to trust software testing for PSU.


                                            Edit 2 (a few hours later): Have had one soft-crash on Battle.net and some slight line artifacts scrolling through webpages but manageable so far. Fingers crossed.


                                            Edit 3. . Crashes have started and become persistent again, have boxed card back up and am hoping it hasn't killed two PSU's at this point.


                                            Edit 4.


                                            Edit 5. Further crashes and instability, complete unresponsiveness from MSI and vendor for 1+ week (PCCaseGear). 400 out of pocket for a probably refurbed brick so I can lottery test what old card works on my own time and expense. GET A 1060. Gonna drill the vendor for this under Australian Consumer Law for defective product and get store refund. Not their fault but I'm not wearing this card.


                                            DON'T BUY THIS CARD. Looking at it I can see scratches on the heatsink, I thought this was fresh but just shrinkwrapped. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.

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                                                Are you sure you disabled TDR? I had those exact errors and this has fixed me for sure. I have gamed many many hours and weeks now with no AMDKMDAP errors. Did you do this? I'll paste below what I posted to someone else a minute ago.


                                                "Yes, the instructions on that webpage are not clear at first. So, at this location in the registry: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers" add a new DWord 32 bit  called "TdrLevel" value and set it to 0 then reboot."


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