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Radeon Pro Duo - Fan speed does not decrease after load

Question asked by mrhappy667 on May 7, 2017
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Two videos showing the problem;


Broken with new drivers; Radeon Pro Duo fan RPM static after load - YouTube

Fixed with older drivers; Radeon Pro Duo fan normal with older drivers - YouTube


I have experienced the following problem after installing the three last driver updates; 17.3.1, 17.4.4, and 17.5.1


Problem: The 120mm fan on my Radeon Pro Duo radiator does not decrease in speed despite temperature decreasing. I.E when I play a game, the fan increases in speed as the card get's hotter, when I'm done and have turned off the games, the fan speed should decrease as the temperature goes down, but it does not. It stays static at the highest RPM/%, whatever that may have been depending on load.


Solution: I have to go into Radeon Settings >>> Global WattMan >>> And reset the fan speed by first changing it to "Manual", then changing it back to "Automatic" and press "Apply". Then the fan speed resets and goes back to minimum of 15-16%.


If I play another game again, or apply any other load, I have to reset it again.


I have tried this with two different installations of Windows 10, and it is still the same problem.


For now I have reverted to driver 17.2.1, and it works perfectly.


My setup;

i7 6950X


MSI X99 motherboard

Intel 750 SSD


Can you please fix this in a driver update, it is super annoying.


Thank you.