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1800x, Ryzen master showing 4 cores disabled and I cant enable them, is the software wrong?

Question asked by tapandkill on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by elijah_who

     Just got an 1800x, tried out that Ryzen master thing to try an overclock, and now the default profile is set to 4 cores disabled at 3.7 ghz, and you cant change the default. Any time I use another profile to enable the cores I get the message "Number Of Cores Disabled Lesser Than Current Cannot Be Applied. This Requires Power Cycle" If I go into the bios and restore to defaults, it still says its got 4 cores disabled and I get the same message when I try to change it. core temp doesnt even recognize the 1800x so I cant figure out if its the ryzen master. I have a 980ti, gigabyte ab350, 16 gigs G.Skill AEGIS Ram.