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    Ryzen power plan


      Observations on the Power plans on a Ryzen 7 1700 base/default clock:

      Default Balance -  Allows single core boost performance of 138-139 on C15 compared to High performance or Ryzen AMD Balanced

      High Performance / Ryzen AMD Balanced - 130 single core on C15


      I think this has to do with minimum power state on Power management that allows the single core boost.

      • Default Balanced 5%
      • High Performance 100%
      • Ryzen AMD Balanced 90%

      There must be percentage ratio that triggers the single core boost. If I have the time later I will try to establish it, but my hunch it is range from 9-49% (almost half of maximum power state) or 9-33% (a 3rd of the maximum power state)

      I don't have a reference on the levels/range of the R7 1700 PStates, I think the percentage should set to the lowest PState of the processor. It will certainly differs from other models and this will help everyone else.


      Overclocking will be a different altogether