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    Drivers Update Issues


      I'm trying to update to the latest drivers for my Radeon HD 6870 card on my Windows 7 since I've been having some problems with crashing.  After the automatic update detection doesn't find anything I decide to double check and go directly to the page for the 6000 series drivers, see the Radeon Software Crimson suite, and decide to check through that.  After installing it, it tells me I do have an update to version 16.60.2011-170210a-311199C.  After I start the download, it tells me it's downloading version 15.7.  Once the Catalyst install manager launches and I get to the screen where I choose what to install it informs me that I already have the latest version, 15.301.1901-160226a-299900E, installed.


      So, what's the deal?  What is the actual latest version?  I no longer have any idea if my drivers are up to date or what to do about it if they aren't.

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          You have the latest/last drivers available for your card..there is a bug in those versions that was corrected later. Ignore the notices. There are/will be no more updates.


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              IT is still not solving, I have same issue with AMD 6790M , Currently installed version is from amd website (non-whql-64bit-nieg-radeon-crimson-16.2.1-win10-win8.1-win7-feb27) after this i tried running ethereum miner (just for fun to check if my pc can)  and that gave me error :  No AMD OPENCL Found , Even then i installed  AMD APP-SDK OpenCL developer pack from (AMDAMD-SDK-InstallManager-v1.4.87-1.exe). but still same error.


              Then i tried updating graphic card drivers ( there was 2 options as it can been seen in attached picture) , I updated Beta version and it downloaded something and installed something. after restart . there was a little change in interface and was displaying (amd display driver 15.301.1901.0000)


              it seemed that this was not working properly i reinstalled the previous one and now should i update this again ? (may be WHQL version)
              I am just concerned that this update is not shown on there website.
              if possible can you tell me why that ethereum miner is not working? that OPENCL thing .?



              ERROR while mining


              18:45:46:872 1eec ETH: 1 pool is specified

              18:45:46:925 1eec Main Ethereum pool is eth-eu1.nanopool.org:9999

              18:45:49:540 1eec OpenCL platform: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing

              18:45:49:639 1eec No AMD cards in the list.

              18:45:49:704 1eec cudaGetDeviceCount failed (35, CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version), probably no CUDA devices

              18:45:49:783 1eec No NVIDIA CUDA GPUs detected.

              18:45:49:852 1eec No AMD OPENCL or NVIDIA CUDA GPUs found, exit

              Screenshot (44).png

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                  You are trying to be a miner with a laptop? Good luck to you.

                  There will be no updates for Legacy graphics cards.

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                      Heh , no I just wanted to see , as its possible though at slow rate, so nothing wrong in experiencing something,
                      but definitely there is issue that it is not detecting AMD OpenCL. so i am just trying because it is possible. otherwise i would not have tried.


                      And yea i just got to know after searching on google that those updates are meant to be ignored for my graphics card

                      the 16.2.1 is the package version not the graphics driver version - 15.301.1901 is the correct graphics driver version for that package

                      comparatively, for 15.7.1 Catalyst the graphics driver version is 15.201.1151.0
                      16.60.2011 is the video driver contained in Catalyst 17.2.1

                      Source : https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/758174-graphics-driver-wont-update/


                      Thanx. !