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    RAIDXpert - Cannot login to WebGUI


      I've just built an AB350 based Ryzen system and have configured RAID in the BIOS and setup a two disk RAID1 array using the boot time RAID configuration utility..


      I've installed RAIDXpert in Windows 10 and can see the Event log and status but when I try to login it takes me to http://localhost:25902/raidxpert2/login.php.  I'm able to enter a username and password but the submit button is not functioning.


      I'd like to be able to login to view the status of my array from time to time.  Can anyone suggest a  fix?



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          Same problem here with my X370 MB (ASRock X370 Gaming Professional), OS is Win 10 15063. I want to establish RAID 10 array and check the status of the HDD. But the submit button is not functioning, too.

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            Same problem. Windows 7 x64 Mozilla and IE doesn't work. Can't push "Submit" button. Installed from latest driver pack.

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              Same problem - Windows 10 64bit - ASrock A88M G3.1 - AMD 7870k. Have all the latest drivers and installed RAIDxpert2 through the AMD "all in one" installer that came on the motherboard driver CD. If you go to https://localhost/xampp/ you can see some diagnostic information for the application server that supports the Raidxper2 service. Here I noticed PHP is "deactivated" for my system, and i'm trying to load a php page (https://localhost/RAIDXpert2/login.php), could have something to do with it. Unfortunately i'm not a web app sysadmin so i'm a bit out of my league here - thought i'd add this in case anyone else knows what could be causing.



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                Just built a Ryzen system and ran into the same problem, and fixed it by installing the raid driver for AMD-RAID Configuration SCSI Processor Device.


                In device manager you should have Other devices listing "AMD-RAID Configuration SCSI Processor Device".  AMD's chipset driver optional download extraction folder.  You are looking for a file called rccfg.inf, for AMD-RAID config device.  Either update driver on the Other device and point to the chipset extraction folder, or run rccfg.msi to install the driver.  Reboot machine, and now the Submit button will work.


                The AMD chipset driver does install the drivers necessary to get the RAID to be seen by windows disk management, just not the driver needed to get the web based gui of RAIDxpert2 to talk to it.  This needs to be done manually for some reason.



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                    Thanks, that worked perfectly for me!

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                      i am having the same Problem on a AsrockX399 taichi MB, trying to get 3 Samsung 960 evo in raid mode.

                      Problem is i can't see AMD-RAID Configuration SCSI Processor Device or AMD Raid Config device in device manager to update the driver.

                      In UEFI the sata mode is AHCI because i have one system ssd that has to run in AHCI or?

                      What am i doing wrong?

                      Or do i have to change something else in UEFI?

                      AMD PBS / NVMe Raid mode is enabled.


                      Thank you for any help


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                        I had Raid Expert 2 working but then I updated to driver 17.40 and now I have same issue.

                        I tried updating manually all drivers but it didnt help.

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                            This is for people who have updated the drivers manually but have not been able to get the WebGUI to work.

                            I manually installed RAIDXPERT outside of the packaged installer from AMD.


                            In the folder



                            you will find the RAIDXPERT utility installer within a sub folder.


                            There are all the different versions of RAIDXPERT (old one for older chipsets and different Operating systems)

                            You can look at the readme in the folder to find your version.


                            For me Ryzen 1600 with X370 the new RAIDXpert2_BR includes the version for Windows 10 and 7.

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                            Actually, this was a bit different for me, but it finally worked:


                            Download https:// www2.ati.com/drivers/amd-raid-chipset-drivers_9.2.0.70.exe

                            AMD RAID Installer (SATA RAID Only)461 MB9.2.0.706/6/2018

                            It will extract to C:\AMD.

                            The install will fail saying "Windows is currently installed to an nvme disk; upgrading the raid driver will make this OS unbootable. Please load Windows on non-nvme disk. Raid installation will now abort". *** AMD?? How dumb can you be? Note that this is the installer that says "This RAID package permits for a standalone NVMe boot device with a separate SATA RAID storage array." In direct contradiction with the error message.

                            Run "C:\AMD\AMD-RAID-Chipset-Drivers\Packages\Apps\RAIDXpert2_BR\W7\setup.exe"

                            Try to log in with admin:admin, Submit button will not work. Need to update drivers.

                            In device manager under Other devices, I saw 3 RAID devices.

                            I did update driver on each, and picked the C:\AMD folder, and the system found and installed the appropriate driver (I think??)

                            But when I updated one device, another unrecognized device would pop up. I updated all of those as well from the C:\AMD folder and eventually I ended up with 3 AMD-RAID Bottom Device, 3 AMD-RAID Controller [storport] under Storage Controllers, and AMD-RAID Config Device under System Devices.

                            Then I was able to log in to Raidxpert2 using admin:admin, then change my user name and password.

                            I saw my disks, but I was not able to create any RAID 1 volumes, not even JBOD! Didn't matter what settings I chose, whether I tried to retain existing data or not. Just completely broken. The only thing Raidxpert2 was able to do was delete an existing volume (the legacy, non-raid drive). Thanks.

                            In the end I created the RAID 1 volume in the BIOS, but unfortunately I lost all my data from my existing drive, because the BIOS has no option to use data from an existing drive (in direct contrast with what's stated in the Asus manual).

                            AMD and Asus are just useless.


                            If anyone figures out how to create a raid1 volume while keeping the data on the parent drive intact, please chime in here, I'm sure someone will appreciate the info!


                            For reference, my setup is Asus Rog Zenith Extreme with Win 10 already installed on 960pro nvme boot drive, and 2 Hitachi 3.5" 3TB drives in RAID 1 for storage.

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                            Thank you so much for the help.

                            I made a video explaining what you helped me with.  Sorry if it is not good because I do not work in computers, but please post comments on youtube to help me learn.




                            Install SATA RAID array, AMD RAIDXpert2, AMD Ryzen, ASRock Taichi Ultimate X470, boot NVMe M.2 - YouTube