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Ryzen 1800x latency

Question asked by flare on Mar 30, 2017



I'm trying to benchmark the AMD Ryzen 1800x against Intel based chips.  Particularly over a PCIe 10G Network card.


Currently I'm seeing the latencies to be around double of what I'd expect on a similar Intel based system


My system is a MSI B350 TOMAHAWK, using a AMD Ryzen 1800x, comparing it to a MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON, using a i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz.


The OS is CentOS 7, running kernel 4.10.6, (I compiled this kernel with the Ryzen arch set in gcc).  I've isolated cores and run my tests on those specific cores.


Under Intel systems running lstopo-no-graphics usually indicates which PCIe slot is likely to be the best, running it under AMD system it gives odd results.


Moving the network card between slots doesn't seem to make a difference.


The network card is a ExaNIC X10.