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hd6850 uefi firmware

Question asked by lancevv on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by black_zion

This is gonna be a heck of a STRETCH


I have a HD6850   2048 again not the 1g version I have the 2gb Hd 6850 Asus.


Lets talk csm & uefi..............nope cant talk because the firmware on the card does not recognize eufi so I must/forced to set it to legacy in CSM (compatible support module) makes for a slower boot time. 


Do you know what would be really really nice !

If and a big If.


If there is a firmware with uefi.....making my 2gb Hd6850 compatable in csm ? uefi firmware update?

But even better if a Great AMD GURU could see if I can update this card to a hd 6870 2gb with uefi in the to reiterate:


2gb hd6850 Asus update firmware with uefi.....what a dream!


2gb hd6850 Asus update to 2gb hd6870 with uefi ?????????????  likely never see it but hey.....never know if I never try.




Anyone that can help please chime in.

Or has hd 6850 2gb with the mystical eufi firmware for it or has seen somewhere out there on the WWW  (wild wild web)


Thank You for the audience.