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Windows 10 claims drivers do not support this version of windows.

Question asked by darksurf on Mar 13, 2017

I've been fighting an issue for months, giving up and returning to it over and over. Windows 10 alone is a nightmare, but AMD is proving to be part of the problem.


I've got a Windows 10 install (fresh install) that I cannot install the graphics drivers for an R9 Nano. Windows 10 insists upon using the Microsoft basic display driver. If I run the driver installer it sees the HDMI audio, but doesn't even bring up the graphics card. I've had issues with this video card since day 1 in windows 10. In Linux it works as well as can be expected. Windows 10 can install drivers once, sometimes, but updates break drivers or cause windows 10 to hard hang. Due to the constant issues with the card and windows 10, I moved it off my desktop onto a VM on my server using PCI passthrough. Thinking my issues to be VBIOS related (not playing well with UEFI), I updated to the official UEFI vbios update. I can now see video coming from the card using OMVF, but its the same old problem where the drivers refuse to install. Either the installer doesn't want to use the Video Card or "The driver selected for this device does not support this version of Windows". Windows x64 Pro.


I'm begging for help here. This is the deciding factor for if I ever buy another AMD video card again. I've had so much trouble with AMD videocards (especially since being an AMD/ATI puritan since K7 days), I've finally had my fill of the driver problems and unsupported hardware. If anyone can help renew my faith in AMD here, I'd be willing to give you remote access and let you drive. Please help me out.