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Radeon Crimson Update Problem (no connection)

Question asked by ckr561 on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by kingfish


I have a problem updating the drivers via the Crimson Update function.

Im currently using Crimson 16.7.3. and want to upgrade to the latest version (17.2.1.)

When  im trying to upgrade within the Crimson app, it launches the amd install manager

just fine. However, after clicking on "Upgrade" I get an error message saying

the program cant connect to the amd web server and I should check the internet connection and try again.

My internet connection is running fine though, I tried disabling my anitvirus software (avast free antivirus)

and running both the amd crimson and the amd install manager as administrator but the error msg

stays the same.


My system:

270x (480 incoming)

FX 8350

Win7 64bit


Thanks in advance!