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    Stability Issues with Crimson Relive on a MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8 GB




      i dont know why, but it seems that the Crimson Relive Driver isnt really that stable... on my System at least.


      When i play a (older) Game, Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012 Version), Windows notifies me, that the Driver "amdkmdap" didnt respond and was recovered and the Game crashes. Usually the Game has to be terminated using Task Manager. When the Game Crash/hangs, it tabbes to Desktop and is minimized, maximizing or switching to it doesnt work anymore and In the Background you can hear a Soundloop that will be gone, after killing it. When this has happend and i want to open the Radeon Settings, ill get a Message that the Radeon Control Panel crashed. When i do a 2nd attempt, it work.


      Once i had a fe wTimes that, when i tried to open the Radeon Panel, i could only see only the Borders of the Window, the Rest was transparent. When i started NFS and closed it, the Panel worked again. Weired.


      What happens?


      - Need for Speed Most Wanted: Driver crash and recover.

      - Far Cry Primal: Entire System Freeze



      What ive done so far:


      Software based


      - Re-Installed the Games through Origin/UPlay

      - Used a cleaner Windows Backup Image (no Drivers or anything else installed, just Windows, latest Updates and activation Status, nothing else, a Base-Image, fresh install not necessary, wont make a difference, this Image is there, to avoid downloading and installing all Updates since it takes ages, fresh install and latest updates would hardly make a difference to this Image)

      - Increased TDR Value from 2 to 10 (Timeout Detection and Recovery, didnt messed with the other Values)


      Hardware (Bios)


      - disabled Hyperthreading

      - disabled Audio Controller (the Game didnt crashed at first, but after while it still did (no Audio based issue)

      - disabled Network Controller

      - disabled USB DAC Ports (usually i use these Ports for my Mouse and my Gamepad, even when the are not designed for this, i guess, still works... so...)

      - disabled USB Legacy Mode

      - set RAM to 2133 MHZ

      - set PCI-E Slot to GEN1/2/3 (only tested with new/current Card)


      And some other Options i cant remember and i kept some on "AUTO".


      Even set Bios to Setup Defaults. That actually helped at first, but after long run not.


      Hardware (RX 480 GPU based, old Card)


      - Lowered Voltage to 1050mv, Games crashed

      - Lowered Voltage to 1025mv, Driver crashed

      - Lowered GPU Clock down to 800 or 900 MHZ, Driver still crashed, but took a bit longer


      Gigabyte Support Guy recommended, that i could try a other PCI-E Power Socket on the PSU. Socket 1+2 offer 18A, 3+4 offer 20A. (i did this, before i tried to clean the PCI-E Slot and the Ram Slots, seemed first to help, but still Crashed, just a question of time)


      During the Tests with the first Card, ive used LatencyMon to see the Latency Problems, if there are any. Ive tested some Games and here are the Results/Screenshots:


      When i had to reboot my Machine, because Primal freezed it, ive started LatencyMon the Latency was "normal" and the Programm did not report any Error, but when i started NFS, around ~5 secs the Message appeared. I havent redone this Tests with the new Card and LatencyMon, since it seems, thats its just a very mean Driver Problem. Could this be a Skylake Bug like with Wolfenstein? All other People that ive seen so far had no or hardly Problems and had either Sandy/Ivy Bridge/Haswell or AMD CPUs (63xx/83xx), and those with Skylake had mostly (newer) Nvidia based Cards.


      I read on EA Forum that NFS: Most Wanted is one of the EA Games that cause a lot Problems, but in this case it seem to be a Driver Issue that affects some older Game(s). I dont know which other Games could have that issue since most People play newer/current ones. I somehow think im a Dino with the older ones, havent played for a long time, so i have some backlog )


      Currently it seems to be just 2 Games that I know of. Apart from the Freezes with Far Cry Primal. But Far Cry is just 1 Year old compared to NFS which will celebrates his 5th Birthday in a few Days.


      Games that did not crash with 16.2.2 or 17.1.2:


      Game (1920x1080)
      Assassins Creed RoguePlayed it for like 10 Minutes, until the Part where you fight against the French Guy.
      Bioshock InfinitePlayed up to the Part, where you get the Fireskill thing. (Uninstalled already)
      Crysis 3Just the beginning of the Game on the Ship, Visuals Maxed Out with ~40-45 FPS.
      Need for Speed: RivalsJust for 10 Minutes. (didnt tested it longer because Most Wanted usually crashed within 10 min. was one of the earlier tests and to me it was "stable", lasted longer as Most Wanted. I have no Idea if the Game could crash, or not, interesting Game but 30 FPS Lock)
      Deadfall AdventuresTested only 15min
      Far Cry 2Just a bit after the Intro. Uninstalled.
      Trine 3Played the first Level 2 Times. Then, to provoke the Card to consume more Enery, i enabled VSR and set the Game Resolution to 3840x2160. Regarding MSI Afterburner, the GPU used ~180 Watts. Game was smooth, looked very good and didnt crashed. (think i used Crimson 16.12.2)
      Sniper Elite 3I cant remember which Driver i used, 16.12.2 or 17.1.2, but with DirectX 11, Enemies had a "blue" mouth/teeth. With Mantle everything "normal". (tried here the first Time ever VSR and the Game run even with 2560x1440 smooth , just a side Note: My last GPU was a 3870...


      Replaced Hardware:


      - new PSU (be quiet E10, 600W)

      - changed the Card for a new one (still the same Card (MSI 480 Gaming X 8GB)

      System Specs
      OSWindows 8.1 Pro (64bit)
      Monitor (1, Main)Asus VX279Q, through HDMI, Monitor is around 4 Month old
      Monitor (2)Samsung SyncMaster 741MP, through Analog and connected on the iGPU, enabled in Windows only when i "need" him (need means, when im to lazy to tab )
      CPUi7 6700k (Default Clock, No OC)
      CPU Cooler (AiO)Corsair H80i GT (at Custom Profil, Standard Fans, Profil Config between Quiet and Balanced)
      RAM32GB Ram HyperX Savage DDR4 2400@XMP (2x16GB Kit, HX424C14SBK2/32), inserted in Slot 2 and 4 (tested 1 + 3 too, no success)
      MainboardGigabyte Z170X Gaming 3 (Bios F6, i definitly wont upgrade to F20, to many bad Reports of that Version and downgrading is not possible)
      GPUMSI RX 480 Gaming X 8 GB
      GPU (HD 530)Enabled in Bios, but Windows is setup to use only 1 Monitor, Driver Build 4501, newer ones cause Problem with Corel Paint Shop Pro X, Intel Support not helpful)
      PSU (Old)Seasonic M12-II Evo Edition (520w)
      PSU (New, Current)be quiet Straight Power E10 (600w)
      CaseFractal Design Define R5
      CaseFansFractal Standard that are shipped with the Case, put into the Front, @ 5v, (2 Fans)
      SSD (2,5")Crucial M4 128
      HDD 1 (2,5")320 GB, Samsung HM321HI
      HDD 2 (3,5")640 GB, WD AAKS
      HDD 3 (3,5")640 GB, WD AAKS
      HDD 4 (3,5")300 GB, Maxtor 7V300F0 (doh, very old one , slow, but runs still like a charm, no Smart Errors)
      Optical DriveLiteOn DVD-Writer
      KeyboardStandard Logitech via PS/2
      MouseLogitech G5 Refresh (USB)

      Why so detailed? To "see" Power requirement for PSU.


      Ive tested the Ram at 2133 MHZ yesterday morning with Memtestx86 for 6 Hours. Both Sticks inserted. 2 Passes, 0 Errors.


      Earlier Tests with old Card (around ~2 Weeks ago, 1 Test with new Card)

      Tested Drivers*
      Crimson ReLive16.12.1NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
      Crimson ReLive16.12.2NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
      Crimson ReLive17.1.2NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
      Crimson ReLive17.2.1NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
      Crimson ReLive17.1.2

      Re-test: Removed Card, Cleaned PCIe-Slot, Removed Ram and Cleaned Slots,

      NFS: Driver Crashed (could play a bit longer),

      Far Cry: System Freeze (could play bit longer)

      Crimson ReLive17.1.2New Card: Far Cry Primal Stable for around 5 Hours, NFS untested, im not sure if Driver was 17.2.1 or 17.1.2


      iGPU was sometimes disabled.


      Test from Yesterday evening with my normal Windows Installation (since it didnt really made a difference with my Base Image)


      Tested Drivers*Version
      Crimson16.7.3Got a Error Message during installation that the Driver couldnt get installed
      Crimson16.11.1NFS seemed to be Stable
      Crimson16.11.3NFS seemed to be Stable (played it around 4,5h), so i upgraded to newer Driver Build
      Crimso16.11.5And proven to be still stableat least for Need for Speed (played only 45min)
      Crimson ReLive16.12.1NFS Driver Crash
      Crimson ReLive16.12.2NFS Driver Crash
      Crimson ReLive17.1.2NFS Driver Crash
      Crimson ReLive17.2.1NFS Driver Crash, but the Game crashed once immediately, no terminating through Taskmanager, re-run the Game and Driver Crash "as usual"

      * uninstalled them using DDU



      Latest Tests from yesterday with the current Replacement Card: Yesterday and today, ive tested Need for Speed with newer Drivers. (16.12.x and higher)


      TypeDriver VersionCrashed around after*
      Crash 116.12.100 h 04 min 23s
      Crash 216.12.200 h 41 min 49s
      Crash 317.01.200 h 21 min 24s
      Crash 417.02.100 h 07 min 41s (straight crash to Desktop, Error Message from Windows about Crash)
      Crash 517.02.100 h 02 min 24s

      * used Afterburner do record Gameplay. Games still crashed when Afterburner was not started


      Thanks in advance.



      PS: A small Request for ReLive. The Scrollbar should be bit thicker, to difficult to get it to scroll, usually to resize the Window)


      €dit: Fixed some Typos and added some Information. (old PSU Wattage, for the sake of completeness). And because i contacted AMD through Mail and were refering to that Thread.

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          Win8.1 must be fully updated. Go to Windows Update and run it. If it does not say "There are no updates available" then keep installing the 'critical' and 'optional' updates until you get that message. Only then should you install these drivers using a clean install.

          Please note the Power Limit settings > AMD graphics performance



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            Thx but i actually know how to Update Windows to latest Updates.


            I edited my Post while you were answering, so you might want to re-read it. Accidently ive pressed CTRL+S and this is "Post". (some habit i got from writing Text or programming)


            And your attached Screenshot doesnt work. No authorization.

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              I have a similar system,  the same MSI gaming X 480 8gb and i7 6700k, 16 gb 2400mhz hyper x fury.


              I already had driver crash and only happens when using MSI afterburner OC utilities. Basically i can crash my system if i change settings like 3-4 times within session. If I use 1 OC profile i dont have any problem.

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                  I thought if it could be caused by Afterburner, at least for me: Still Crash when i tried it without.


                  I had Afterburner 4.3.0 installed and i dont have a OC-Profil, at least i dont know how to enable it. But i dont want to OC the Card anyway, im absolutly contented with the Cards performance.


                  What for a Motherboard do you have? And which Driver is stable on your Machine? Which Drivers have you tried? 16.11.5 seems to work for me, but have not played since my last Need for Speed Test. Busy with other things - and not in the mood too.

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                      i can tell you that by lefting drivers in stock and dont do nothing i dont have any problem. But by using MSI AB to OC my card or even use custom fan profile  i have sometimes instability/incopatibility that lead to game crash or black screen after Windows 10 start.


                      I use AB because Relive drivers dont save OC profile created, when I restart the system everithing goes back to stock.


                      16.11.5 Works like a charm, but i really like Relive drivers, they give more ingame performace and i like to record my games, therefore im gonna keep it.


                      Asus Z170 Pro gaming motherboard

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                    I have the same problem with most wanted crashing randomly and along with it the driver crashes as well. Based on the fact that there are youtube videos of Most Wanted 2012 working fine with RX 480s dated back to September or so and maverick3k's testing showing it working with previous driver versions something obviously broke along the way. The crashing can be fixed by capping the game at 30 fps instead of the normal 60 but that creates other problems in game such as laggy in game video and stuttery car swap transitions (at least for me it dose). On my Nvidia GTX 750 ti it works fine so its definitely a driver problem. Every other game ive played runs fine and its a nice change to try an AMD graphics card after so many years. Other games include all the Crysis games, Tomb Raider 2013, Skyrim Remastered, Diablo 3, Need for speed Rivals (which comes right after need for speed most wanted 2012) as well as some old games from the 90's. Literally everything but Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 works.


                    Edit: Should also mention that Need for speed rivals runs at 30 fps by default and ive applied launch options to run it at 60 fps and it runs fine with no crashes while again Most Wanted 2012 crashes when running at 60 fps but dose not when capped at 30.

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                        On a German Forum a Guy had similar Issues, but with older Games. He had a AMD FX 6300 CPU and downgraded to 16.11.5 and his Problems were gone. Seems not to be related to the "Skylake" Error.






                        "Great" is the wrong Word in this Situation, but at least im no the only one with this Issue. So i definitly can exclude mailfunction my other Hardware.

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                            Yea its definitely a driver problem...went back to 16.11.5 and everything is working fine. 16.11.5 just happens to be the latest and most mature driver out of the Crimson series of drivers before they updated to the Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition (16.12.1). Something did break and just needs to be fixed again. I noticed no performance decline going back to 16.11.5 vs 17.2.1 but its sad to loose the recording ability. Ill give it a few updates and try Need for speed most wanted 2012 again. if I had Far Cry Primal I would test it to but I do not. For now ill just stick with 16.11.5 as a workaround because everything works fine with it till this gets straightened out.  

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                          I have asus rx480 4gb OC and I have problems playing games like farcry primal and dota 2 are minimized at any time and I can not go back just finishing the task

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                            I'd recommend everyone stop switching drivers so much wait it out till tomorrow or the 12th the windows 10 creators update rolls out to everyone. Some AMD tech told me on here the other day they will have a proper wddm 2.2 driver ready for the creators update so hold off for a day or 2 update windows then update to the new drivers that will be released some big changes are under way with the way gaming works on Windows 10 if you installed 17.4.1 you'd notice the performance increase across almost all games and benchmarks and the new windows 10 game mode is of interest also. I think all the headache we've gone through with relive is not coming to an end but we will start to see stability and performance increases with each release rather than negative. Hang in there.

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                                I recently upgraded to the creators update, and I hope AMD release a driver soon. I've been having the crash problems lately and I've been trying some of everything I could to find out why, which lead me here and many other places. I guess I can stop messing around with things for a bit and just stick to games that don't give me problems. Way more demanding games than Most Wanted, which is just odd. I can crash in that game at 60% or lower GPU uses and CPU at 30. Temperatures are max 63 the crash I just had. It's very frustrating, and this is my first radeon card in a long time. I like it when it works, and I hope they really get the drivers humming with the 500 series launch.


                                I don't want to crawl back to Nvidia, I had just gotten over not having shadowplay (use OBS now and rarely).

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                                    Now that you'reon the creators update you should be using driver 17.4 2 make sure you use the and cleanup app or ddu to do a clean install. 17.4.2 is working pretty well and even with crossfire msi rx 480's.

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                                        For me is also working fine with my RX480, i didnt even DDU...

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                                          I actually went a step further. After creators, and still having problems with certain not too demanding games, in the quest to figure out what was going on, one of the things I did was fresh installed windows 10 from a full format. I used DDU quite a bit before resorting to that (trying different 2017 drivers that I saved. Someone showed me where all of the links to the old drivers are on AMD.com after I submitted my previous post here). For now I'm just going to avoid games that cause driver crashes, that I can't do anything to fix, like underclock. It's unfortunate, because I was getting into games like Need For Speed Most Wanted. If I really miss it, I can always give the 16.XX.X drivers a shot.


                                          Also it seems 17.4.2 has some bugs, though I'm not experiencing what people experienced on reddit mentioned. I even tried full screen youtube, though I don't have a freesync monitor, and that may play into that particular thing. I have a feeling more drivers will come soon.

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                                            The 17.4.2 driver might not solve his crashing. It seems to me he is suffering from the same thing I am :

                                            [ReLive - RX 480] Every ReLive Driver Crashes During Intensive Gaming

                                            Mine is still unresolved, and not getting many replies. I wonder if it has to do with the 8GB version, as I notice we both have 8GB. The ReLive drivers are the only drivers that crash for me, the 16.11.5 (last drivers before ReLive) work near flawlessly for me, no crashing. Perhaps the ReLive drivers change how they use our VRAM and perhaps our VRAM is faulty?

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                                                That would be interesting if it was bad VRAM, though it would still be bad on 16.11.5. I'm just going to go to that one and try new ones as they come out testing them against Need For Speed since that one will crash the drivers consistently. Thanks for the confirmation on the old driver being solid.


                                                I must say, even though it was frustrating messing with different components to troubleshoot what could have been the problem, it was fun as always with dealing with PC problems (puzzles). I never would have messed with updating my motherboard bios, learned about it's features, or the history and function of Windows Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) system, among many other things, if not for this. My system is new, so I figured there were bound to be new hardware drivers that would need to be updated to work out the kinks (Kabylake, and new kabylake motherboard. I had no idea Ryzen was so close , I didn't even know it was a thing, and today Rx 500 series haha).


                                                Edit: It works great now. I'm so happy it wasn't my card. I was so close to going through the RMA process to try another one. They probably would have given me a worse card I bet (they don't seem to sell the version of Powercolor Rx 480 Red Devil that I have anymore. All of their new versions are clocked lower. Thanks again xbye, I hope your problem get fixed soon, and all of our problems in a future driver update. It's not like these are old cards that doesn't warrant resources to look into making sure they run well. I hope the software group at AMD sees these issues and try to figure it out.

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                                                  No crashing here with dual 8gb's are you guys checking your temps?

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                                                      Yeah, my temps were more than fine, I put my wattman target at 72 and it rarely goes above it. The only game that heat up my card that much and also have the driver crash is Dragon Age Inquisition with a bit of max settings, but when it crash temperatures are not high. It just seemed random though only one time did it seem to happen at one spot over and over, and it was the first time I started getting crash problems with the game. It was a particular mission in a closed map (no open world), a lot of effects were going off and it seemed to happen when my tank character did an ability in that situation so I removed that ability, but it didn't stop the crash, so I just tried to fight the mage, which added to the effects, separately. The games that crashed for me were Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012), Dragon Age Inquisition, and Watch Dogs 2. The latter 2 took quite some time to crash (except for that one Dragon Age mission. I actually saved that so I could test it later, but it didn't happen much after), and Watch Dogs 2 probably wouldn't even crash the drivers. Need For Speed Most Wanted didn't even tax the CPU or GPU and it crashed very frequently. Any of my other games worked very fine. Did you play any of these with the setup? Or any of the games mentioned in the original post? I wonder what all the problem games have in common.


                                                      My specs:

                                                      CPU: i5-7500

                                                      Motherboard: MSI B250 PC Mate

                                                      GPU: PowerColor RED DEVIL Radeon RX 480

                                                      RAM: 2x Ballistix Sport LT 4GB DDR4 2400 MT/s

                                                      Power Supply: SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze 520W ATX12V V2.3 / EPS 12V V2.91 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC

                                                      Storage: Regular group of hard drives, no SSD (all 3 games listed above are on the same hard drive... I haven't played the rest of the games on the same HDD, lately. Crap I should test this, but things are working well now that I went back. Never had errors on the drive, hopefully I can just run tests on it instead of go back to the new drivers, test NFS:MW on the other drives, and see what happens.)

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                                                          Yes I've played all 3 of the games you mentioned without a hitch. Looking at your specs now I'm almost sure it's your PSU I had a 650W when I had a single card and it was barely enough installed second gpu and it crashed all the time. I then upgraded to a 1000w and all the issues went away. What this tells me is that the single card with a 650W was almost not enough. This would also explain why some games crash and some do not and also crashing in intense situations with lots of effects going on cause the gpu needs to draw more volts and watts.

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                                                              I did consider it, and wondered if it was faulty. I monitor the heat, fan speed, and GPU power draw all the time, especially after the problems started (I play a ton of Dragon Age Inquisition, different builds, different team compositions, endless possibilities). I also tried NFS on lower settings after finding out it crashed consistently (again it only used up to 60% gpu power even at the normal settings I used. 1680x1050 monitor as well). I can play a over modded Skyrim that use more GPU %, and could stand to use more, than Dragon age and Watchdogs 2 with no crash. Witcher 3 never crashed (I'm not sure if it's more intensive than DA:I can get), Black Desert with a ton of people waiting on a event world boss using abilities, sparing, shallow water all around, flora and fauna, and using the camera mode didn't crash it (which has a very pretty heavy DOF and effects). I already looked into seeing how much wattage I would need for my setup and added all of my parts to the calculator I had room to spare (it was in the 300s). Anyway, the watt thing seems moot unless the new drivers add over volts the card. Oh I also tried the cool and quiet bios (bios switcher on Red Devil) which runs at lower clocks and volts. Still crashed NFS:MW. And again, it works now on 16.11.5 so it's all good for me. Though I will be testing my hard drive with SeaTools HDD tester, transfer NFS:MW onto the HDD that non of my games have crashed on, update back to current drivers, and see if it the driver crash (for science).


                                                              Trying to think of more intensive games I play than DA:I, though I could add DA:I to that. The thing is, that scene wasn't even the worst of that game which is the weird thing (I verified the game Origin a couple of times after that, it just seemed like a bug or glitch to me). It was a small map, a instance, and only 4 enemies. I've done, and fought far worse with no crash. Open world, water in the background, tons of enemies and effects flying everywhere. The most taxing for me is Emerald Graves, lots of enemies at a keep and that didn't crash it. Emerald with all of it's grass, and lighting is the thing I would test the card on for temperatures when I first got it. The first problem map in question was in Val Royeaux, just simple mansion type area with few trees, a courtyard, and other things. Anyway, Skyrim would have to be a good enough example. I can load that one up with as many effects as I want. ENBs that could bring it to sub 30fps while Dragon Age is set for a comfortable 60 and doesn't slow down for effects.

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                                                    Powercolor Rx 480 Red Devil is capped at 5% extra power level. I tried that but it doesn't prevent crash. There is a bios that unlocks the power limit but I wouldn't want to mess with that kind of thing unless it was confirmed to be the reason things didn't work. I'd rather underclock which I tried with the cool and quiet bios switch.


                                                    Though this

                                                    ULPS: How to disable

                                                    I have never seen this. I will give it a try, thanks, that's quite interesting. Good stuff Kingfish.


                                                    Edit: Just tried the ULPS edit + 5% power (max), and Need For Speed outlasted me. Got a long session in with no crash before I had to go. Hopefully that did it and it's all I have to do from now on. Thanks again.

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                                                    Just wanted to say that with the Windows 10 Creators Update and 17.5.1 it's the same crap, crashing just like before. 16.11.5 is officially the last good driver. I've heard some people say that AMD drivers are more stable than Nvidia drivers HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BS! All my nvidia cards ( GTS 250, GTX 750 Ti and a GTX 1060) i've never once had a crash. Wanted to try the RX 480 but between driver overhead ( secondary pc with a i7 2600k @ 4.5 ghz) and the crashing it looks like Nvidia really has their stuff down compared to AMD. I guess i'll go back to 16.11.5 as that truly is the last stable driver. It's not just Most Wanted 2012 either, Nier: Automata also has crashes as well. I can't wait till I get back to my main pc ( i7 6700k @4.5 ghz, GTX 1060) but right now I can't access that pc being a student in the dorms and all.


                                                    Edit: Something I never tried was the Disable ULPS option as I thought it mainly was for crossfire. I've tried like everything including uninstalling afterburner and even uninstalling chrome because of a conflict I heard it can cause. Their is a page that lists things that can conflict with the Amd graphics card drivers and it's a very long list of things. I'll have to try disabling it when I get bored.


                                                    Edit 2: Disable ULPS did nothing. I'm done with AMD as nothing has seemed to have changed since 2013 when I had an AMD Radeon laptop that literally only one Amd driver would even install on. Apparently it's 16.11.5 for life for me on this machine. Nvidia's drivers work much better on a wide range of PCs. It's a shame because the RX 480 is a good card when the drivers are not crashing every 5 mins...