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Stability Issues with Crimson Relive on a MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8 GB

Question asked by maverick3k on Feb 21, 2017
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i dont know why, but it seems that the Crimson Relive Driver isnt really that stable... on my System at least.


When i play a (older) Game, Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012 Version), Windows notifies me, that the Driver "amdkmdap" didnt respond and was recovered and the Game crashes. Usually the Game has to be terminated using Task Manager. When the Game Crash/hangs, it tabbes to Desktop and is minimized, maximizing or switching to it doesnt work anymore and In the Background you can hear a Soundloop that will be gone, after killing it. When this has happend and i want to open the Radeon Settings, ill get a Message that the Radeon Control Panel crashed. When i do a 2nd attempt, it work.


Once i had a fe wTimes that, when i tried to open the Radeon Panel, i could only see only the Borders of the Window, the Rest was transparent. When i started NFS and closed it, the Panel worked again. Weired.


What happens?


- Need for Speed Most Wanted: Driver crash and recover.

- Far Cry Primal: Entire System Freeze



What ive done so far:


Software based


- Re-Installed the Games through Origin/UPlay

- Used a cleaner Windows Backup Image (no Drivers or anything else installed, just Windows, latest Updates and activation Status, nothing else, a Base-Image, fresh install not necessary, wont make a difference, this Image is there, to avoid downloading and installing all Updates since it takes ages, fresh install and latest updates would hardly make a difference to this Image)

- Increased TDR Value from 2 to 10 (Timeout Detection and Recovery, didnt messed with the other Values)


Hardware (Bios)


- disabled Hyperthreading

- disabled Audio Controller (the Game didnt crashed at first, but after while it still did (no Audio based issue)

- disabled Network Controller

- disabled USB DAC Ports (usually i use these Ports for my Mouse and my Gamepad, even when the are not designed for this, i guess, still works... so...)

- disabled USB Legacy Mode

- set RAM to 2133 MHZ

- set PCI-E Slot to GEN1/2/3 (only tested with new/current Card)


And some other Options i cant remember and i kept some on "AUTO".


Even set Bios to Setup Defaults. That actually helped at first, but after long run not.


Hardware (RX 480 GPU based, old Card)


- Lowered Voltage to 1050mv, Games crashed

- Lowered Voltage to 1025mv, Driver crashed

- Lowered GPU Clock down to 800 or 900 MHZ, Driver still crashed, but took a bit longer


Gigabyte Support Guy recommended, that i could try a other PCI-E Power Socket on the PSU. Socket 1+2 offer 18A, 3+4 offer 20A. (i did this, before i tried to clean the PCI-E Slot and the Ram Slots, seemed first to help, but still Crashed, just a question of time)


During the Tests with the first Card, ive used LatencyMon to see the Latency Problems, if there are any. Ive tested some Games and here are the Results/Screenshots:


When i had to reboot my Machine, because Primal freezed it, ive started LatencyMon the Latency was "normal" and the Programm did not report any Error, but when i started NFS, around ~5 secs the Message appeared. I havent redone this Tests with the new Card and LatencyMon, since it seems, thats its just a very mean Driver Problem. Could this be a Skylake Bug like with Wolfenstein? All other People that ive seen so far had no or hardly Problems and had either Sandy/Ivy Bridge/Haswell or AMD CPUs (63xx/83xx), and those with Skylake had mostly (newer) Nvidia based Cards.


I read on EA Forum that NFS: Most Wanted is one of the EA Games that cause a lot Problems, but in this case it seem to be a Driver Issue that affects some older Game(s). I dont know which other Games could have that issue since most People play newer/current ones. I somehow think im a Dino with the older ones, havent played for a long time, so i have some backlog )


Currently it seems to be just 2 Games that I know of. Apart from the Freezes with Far Cry Primal. But Far Cry is just 1 Year old compared to NFS which will celebrates his 5th Birthday in a few Days.


Games that did not crash with 16.2.2 or 17.1.2:


Game (1920x1080)
Assassins Creed RoguePlayed it for like 10 Minutes, until the Part where you fight against the French Guy.
Bioshock InfinitePlayed up to the Part, where you get the Fireskill thing. (Uninstalled already)
Crysis 3Just the beginning of the Game on the Ship, Visuals Maxed Out with ~40-45 FPS.
Need for Speed: RivalsJust for 10 Minutes. (didnt tested it longer because Most Wanted usually crashed within 10 min. was one of the earlier tests and to me it was "stable", lasted longer as Most Wanted. I have no Idea if the Game could crash, or not, interesting Game but 30 FPS Lock)
Deadfall AdventuresTested only 15min
Far Cry 2Just a bit after the Intro. Uninstalled.
Trine 3Played the first Level 2 Times. Then, to provoke the Card to consume more Enery, i enabled VSR and set the Game Resolution to 3840x2160. Regarding MSI Afterburner, the GPU used ~180 Watts. Game was smooth, looked very good and didnt crashed. (think i used Crimson 16.12.2)
Sniper Elite 3I cant remember which Driver i used, 16.12.2 or 17.1.2, but with DirectX 11, Enemies had a "blue" mouth/teeth. With Mantle everything "normal". (tried here the first Time ever VSR and the Game run even with 2560x1440 smooth , just a side Note: My last GPU was a 3870...


Replaced Hardware:


- new PSU (be quiet E10, 600W)

- changed the Card for a new one (still the same Card (MSI 480 Gaming X 8GB)

System Specs
OSWindows 8.1 Pro (64bit)
Monitor (1, Main)Asus VX279Q, through HDMI, Monitor is around 4 Month old
Monitor (2)Samsung SyncMaster 741MP, through Analog and connected on the iGPU, enabled in Windows only when i "need" him (need means, when im to lazy to tab )
CPUi7 6700k (Default Clock, No OC)
CPU Cooler (AiO)Corsair H80i GT (at Custom Profil, Standard Fans, Profil Config between Quiet and Balanced)
RAM32GB Ram HyperX Savage DDR4 2400@XMP (2x16GB Kit, HX424C14SBK2/32), inserted in Slot 2 and 4 (tested 1 + 3 too, no success)
MainboardGigabyte Z170X Gaming 3 (Bios F6, i definitly wont upgrade to F20, to many bad Reports of that Version and downgrading is not possible)
GPUMSI RX 480 Gaming X 8 GB
GPU (HD 530)Enabled in Bios, but Windows is setup to use only 1 Monitor, Driver Build 4501, newer ones cause Problem with Corel Paint Shop Pro X, Intel Support not helpful)
PSU (Old)Seasonic M12-II Evo Edition (520w)
PSU (New, Current)be quiet Straight Power E10 (600w)
CaseFractal Design Define R5
CaseFansFractal Standard that are shipped with the Case, put into the Front, @ 5v, (2 Fans)
SSD (2,5")Crucial M4 128
HDD 1 (2,5")320 GB, Samsung HM321HI
HDD 2 (3,5")640 GB, WD AAKS
HDD 3 (3,5")640 GB, WD AAKS
HDD 4 (3,5")300 GB, Maxtor 7V300F0 (doh, very old one , slow, but runs still like a charm, no Smart Errors)
Optical DriveLiteOn DVD-Writer
KeyboardStandard Logitech via PS/2
MouseLogitech G5 Refresh (USB)

Why so detailed? To "see" Power requirement for PSU.


Ive tested the Ram at 2133 MHZ yesterday morning with Memtestx86 for 6 Hours. Both Sticks inserted. 2 Passes, 0 Errors.


Earlier Tests with old Card (around ~2 Weeks ago, 1 Test with new Card)

Tested Drivers*
Crimson ReLive16.12.1NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
Crimson ReLive16.12.2NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
Crimson ReLive17.1.2NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
Crimson ReLive17.2.1NFS Driver Crash, Far Cry Primal System Freeze
Crimson ReLive17.1.2

Re-test: Removed Card, Cleaned PCIe-Slot, Removed Ram and Cleaned Slots,

NFS: Driver Crashed (could play a bit longer),

Far Cry: System Freeze (could play bit longer)

Crimson ReLive17.1.2New Card: Far Cry Primal Stable for around 5 Hours, NFS untested, im not sure if Driver was 17.2.1 or 17.1.2


iGPU was sometimes disabled.


Test from Yesterday evening with my normal Windows Installation (since it didnt really made a difference with my Base Image)


Tested Drivers*Version
Crimson16.7.3Got a Error Message during installation that the Driver couldnt get installed
Crimson16.11.1NFS seemed to be Stable
Crimson16.11.3NFS seemed to be Stable (played it around 4,5h), so i upgraded to newer Driver Build
Crimso16.11.5And proven to be still stableat least for Need for Speed (played only 45min)
Crimson ReLive16.12.1NFS Driver Crash
Crimson ReLive16.12.2NFS Driver Crash
Crimson ReLive17.1.2NFS Driver Crash
Crimson ReLive17.2.1NFS Driver Crash, but the Game crashed once immediately, no terminating through Taskmanager, re-run the Game and Driver Crash "as usual"

* uninstalled them using DDU



Latest Tests from yesterday with the current Replacement Card: Yesterday and today, ive tested Need for Speed with newer Drivers. (16.12.x and higher)


TypeDriver VersionCrashed around after*
Crash 116.12.100 h 04 min 23s
Crash 216.12.200 h 41 min 49s
Crash 317.01.200 h 21 min 24s
Crash 417.02.100 h 07 min 41s (straight crash to Desktop, Error Message from Windows about Crash)
Crash 517.02.100 h 02 min 24s

* used Afterburner do record Gameplay. Games still crashed when Afterburner was not started


Thanks in advance.



PS: A small Request for ReLive. The Scrollbar should be bit thicker, to difficult to get it to scroll, usually to resize the Window)


€dit: Fixed some Typos and added some Information. (old PSU Wattage, for the sake of completeness). And because i contacted AMD through Mail and were refering to that Thread.