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    Wattman fan curve does not work


      Once again, I come to ask your attentions to a very serious problem in wattman. I have a crossfire of RX 480, and since the Crimson Relive edition was released, the fan setup does not work via driver. In my case, the fan of the first gpu works correctly, but the fan of the second gpu does not follow the pre-programmed curve. The temperature reaches 90 ° C but the fan of the second gpu does not increase the speed set via wattman, causing throtle in the second gpu.
      The problem is only solved using msi afterburner. Windows is up to date, I've done a clean installation using the DDU, I've already installed it with the newly installed windows, and there's no use. The last driver I can still use the fan curve for wattman is 16.11.5, from then on all of the following have this same problem. And according to my friends who also use rx 480, they also can not configure a fan via wattman, even in single gpu.
      My setup is windows 10, i7 4790k, 16gb ram, asus z97-e, RX 480 8GB crossfire.
      This problem is getting desperate, but I rely on a solution from you. Thank you.

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          An addendum: not even the MSI afterburner can make the second 480 fan work right. Today I noticed that the speed of the fan caught in 40% in the second gpu, raising the temperature, even with the fan curve of msi afterburner. That is, with or without the afterburner, the second fan does not obey the curve, getting stagnant at a random value (time is 40%, time is 20%, 21%, etc.). I returned the driver to 16.11.5, and everything works perfectly fine. Please, pay attention to this problem, I do not even see it as a problem listed in the release notes. And not having a functional fan is extremely dangerous. I am unable to do driver update ...

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              Many, many identical posts. Third party controllers like AB do not work well with the new ReLive driver suite for most people. Most issues have been fixed by returning all settings to default and then delete or disable AB.

              Wattman works fine. If you take the time to learn it's interface. Some people think they can manually do it better...myth.

              Simple question....have you set the Power Limit (in the ReLive control panel) to +50?

              The automatic fan control works like a charm in ReLive.

              Please read > AMD graphics performance

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                  Yes, I put the power limit at +50 on both gpus, I edited the fan's minimum and maximum speed on each of the gpus, but none of that works. At first with the newly installed driver until you can use the AB, but when turning off the pc the wattman undoes the modifications and it blocks the speed of the second fan in 40%, for example.
                  And neither does the Afterburner make it work again. You must uninstall the driver completely and install another driver. In my case, I chose to go back to 16.11.5

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                Another driver, the same problem ...17.2.1 whql

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                  Dear amd, please add fan curve in wattman. Without it a slight overclocking results in high gpu temp and my Sapphire r9 390 reaches to 80 and the whole system crashes. So please please add the fan curve please.

                  My system is as following


                  • Graphics Card AMD R9 390
                  • Desktop System
                  • Operating System Windows 10 64bit
                  • Driver version installed Crimson Edition 17.4.4
                  • Display Devices lg ips full hd/ connection hdmi one line one display
                  • Motherboard Asus z170a
                  • CPU intel i5 6600k
                  • Power Supply Thermaltake 730W Gold
                  • RAM 8GB