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Intel may be prepping new Core i5, i7 processors to attack AMD Ryzen

Question asked by kingfish on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by mjpbmp

" AMD’s new Ryzen will launch in early March, and Intel is reportedly prepping changes to its own product lineup to counter any AMD threat. It’s a smart move from Intel if true — the rumors we’ve heard about Ryzen suggest the chip will be a potent competitor, and Intel won’t want to be caught flat-footed. Back in 2003, Chipzilla was forced to rush the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition to market to counter the surprise threat of the Athlon 64, which still wound up winning most games and a number of consumer benchmarks. Intel will want to avoid any repeat of that situation, or the drubbing it would take if AMD’s Ryzen debuts at price points that would challenge Intel’s existing product stack.

Canard PC has details on the rumored updates. First up, there’s the Core i7-7740K — a Kaby Lake chip with a 4.3GHz base frequency and a supposed 4.6GHz Turbo frequency. Next, there’s the Core i5-7640K with a similar modest frequency bump (4GHz base clock compared with 3.8GHz). Canard PC isn’t sure whether this chip would have Hyper-Threading or not. This isn’t a crazy proposal, given that Intel just added Hyper-Threading to the Pentium family, but I think a degree of skepticism is warranted given the timing of these announcements. "

Intel may be prepping new Core i5, i7 processors to attack AMD Ryzen - ExtremeTech