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RX 480 monitor connected with DisplayPort gets reconnected when turned off and on

Question asked by juraj.m. on Jan 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2018 by libove

I've upgraded my 7870XT to XFX RX 480 4GB and now I have the following problem.

I have 3 monitors and one projector connected with DP, DP, DVI and HDMI (projector).

When I use projector I turn off my 3 monitors (with their power buttons).

Then when I turn them back on, two of them (connected with DP) are being disconnected and connected - screens flickers and all my icons and windows are moved around.

This is extremely annoying as I'm a programmer and I have many opened windows on all 3 screens.


This problem is known on some configurations for 7 years here:…

And there is also discussion on SuperUser:

windows 7 - Turning DisplayPort monitor off disables monitor completely - Super User


I didn't have this problem with my 7870XT so there must be a way to avoid this behavior without Microsoft involvement.

I'm using Win 10 x64, problematic monitors are Dell U2713HM, driver 16.12.2.

PS: There seems to be a solution for Nvidia cards by manually supplying EDID info. Maybe something like this could be done here as well?


EDIT: video showing my problem: Dropbox - 2017-04-07 21.50.41.mp4