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    Mobility Radeon 7500 driver and software (CCC) for Windows 7


      Hi All,


      Could anyone please advise driver and software (Catalyst Control Center) package for an IBM ThinkPad T42 laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics (hardware ID PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4C57&SUBSYS_05301014) running 32-bit Windows 7? The only one available at Lenovo's support site is built for Windows 2000/XP and although it can still be installed in Windows 7 in compatibility mode, it causes regular laptop crashes. A well-known safe workaround is to use "ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 (Microsoft Corporation - XDDM)" driver ati2mtag_M9 available in Vista/Win7 driver pack dated 15/08/2006, which unfortunately has no Catalyst Control Center software included (just drivers alone):



      If no Win7 driver and software package has ever been built for ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics, is there perhaps a CCC version for Win7 for other ATI Mobility graphics adapters that would let me merge above mentioned driver into it somehow? I really need CCC on this platform.


      Many thanks in anticipation!

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          You mean like this? Download Drivers




          The last/latest driver for your laptop > Legacy

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            Just tried installing ATI Mobility RADEON 7500 driver version 8.723.0.0000 dated 04/06/2010. Installation succeeded but I'm now getting a "Device cannot start" error message:



            Also in a minute or two I get "The screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D".


            Could anyone please confirm which Windows version(s) this driver is for and if there's a way to make it work under W7, e.g. by means of turning those incompatible features off somehow? This is the most recent driver I've come across so far, and since ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 is listed among the drivers in the CX_98765.inf file that comes with this driver pack I'd expect my adapter to be fully supported:

            "ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7500" = ati2mtag_M7, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4C57

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                Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program

                This is the last driver for your card (for WinXP 32bit)

                1.Try to install this driver in automatic mode.

                2.If you still have installation errors or exclamation mark in device manager ,then boot in safe mode and install driver manually

                Device manager>update driver>manual update>search on this computer and select folder with unpacked 6.11 driver.

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                    Thanks for your reply - do I proceed as you instructed even though my model isn't mentioned in Release Notes for this driver?

                    AMD Desktop product family support

                    The Catalyst® software suite is designed to support the following AMD desktop products:

                    • Radeon® X1950 series
                    • Radeon® X1900 series
                    • Radeon® X1800 series
                    • Radeon® X1600 series
                    • Radeon® X1300 series
                    • Radeon® X850 series
                    • Radeon® X800 series
                    • Radeon® X700 series
                    • Radeon® X600 series
                    • Radeon® X550 series
                    • Radeon® X300 series
                    • Radeon® 9800 series
                    • Radeon® 9700 series
                    • Radeon® 9600 series
                    • Radeon® 9500 series


                    Also as it seems to target desktop models do I have to convert unpacked driver to Mobility version prior to the installation? (I have a tool called something like DH Mobility Modder that should be able to do it)

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                        It is mistake on AMD site. I think, it is just not full list.

                        Just try to install it. All files will be extracted automatically (you can choose directory)

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                            OK, plenty of results obtained:


                            1) So I used DDU in safe mode to clean it all up from any ATI leftovers to start with.


                            2) Until I set compatibility mode WXPSP3 for file Setup.exe upon unpacking the archive, automatic installation would abort this way:



                            3) Once I did the above, automatic installation aborted this way (one error message displayed after another):




                            4) During manual installation attempt I had nothing but to select RADEON 7500 Family from the list of those offered as my model wasn't there. I checked all the INF files I could find and there's not a single entry for any mobility models whatsoever. Once the installation completed and the laptop rebooted I got black screen (it was clearly lit yet black: nothing at all was displayed). I accessed it remotely using TeamViewer and tried uninstalling the driver, which didn't work: RADEON 7500 Family stayed there no matter what (and still black screen upon reboot). Had to use DDU in safe mode again: that helped roll the driver back to Standard VGA Adapter.


                            5) Next I still decided to try modifying the unpacked archive (before installing it) with the above mentioned tool, which I successfully used on my other laptop with X300 graphics previously. Lots of mobility model entries including mine got added at least into one of the INF files as a result. This time automatic installation competed successfully and driver version dated 3rd May 2006 got installed:


                            No crash in ati3duag.dll so far even when I launch Lenovo System Update, which would always trigger such a crash with other W2k/WXP drivers straight away for some reason (e.g. with driver version dated 6th February 2007 from Lenovo package 1rd637ww.exe). I even got CCC installed although it seems to be lacking all graphics related functionality in that blue bar on the left hand side or perhaps elsewhere leaving only main menu w/o any graphics settings usable:



                            Is there a way to get all that supposedly missing CCC functionality back somehow?


                            Also I don't understand how the driver from this archive can possibly get installed if there's no ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 entry anywhere in the INF files that come with it and no Hardware IDs matching this model in any existing desktop entry...

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                                Repeat the cleaning procedure. You need get Standard VGA Adapter in device manager.

                                This driver should contain ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 inf

                                Or try this Lenovo driver

                                I don't recommend you to mess up with drivers modification.

                                This time you must succeed

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                                    The ati_mobility_10_2_8.593.100_x32x64_winxp.rar one did the job - thank you so much!! For the first time ever on this platform I'm seeing a proper 7500 driver working without any crashes and fully functional ATI CCC software incl all graphics settings (except 3D section, probably since 7500 only supports DirectX/Direct3D version 6):




                                    Before I go into further details may I ask the link to the web page you obtained that torrent from, if applicable? I'd like to document it properly for myself first, and then share it with my colleagues at a ThinkPad forum (assuming you don't mind) as those who opted for WXP drivers I've seen so far must still be having crashes.


                                    So I now have driver version 8.593.100.0 dated 10th February 2010 and ATI CCC version 10.2 from package ati_mobility_10_2_8.593.100_x32x64_winxp.rar. Interestingly both version and date match those of the X300 driver from "mobility modded" desktop driver/software package 10-2-legacy-vista32-64-dd-ccc.exe that has been working well on my T43 (another laptop). I already tried installing the latter package on my T42 with 7500 in question before. Its installation succeeded back then but IIRC neither ATI CCC application installed could run: they just won't launch w/o any errors, which I attributed to the lack of high enough DirectX/Direct3D version support by my model. Your XP driver clearly overcame this issue while delivering the same driver and ATI CCC versions, which I'm especially happy with 'cos it's much more recent than driver version dated 3rd May 2006 you shared earlier and official driver version dated 6th February 2007 from Lenovo package 1rd637ww.exe. Btw I tried 1rd637ww.exe before as well and was getting crashes in ati3duag.dll as already mentioned in one of my posts above. Replacing that particular dll (~5MB IIRC) with one of its earlier (or perhaps later) versions stopped the crashes but that package is just a driver: no ATI CCC comes with it.


                                    P.S. The only issue I've noticed so far as I keep testing this new driver is the following error when I enable a 3D screen saver: "The screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct3D". It's not a concern at all: I just disabled it back, relying on idle timeout adjusted downwards.

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                                        That screensaver probably needs DX or OPenGL version higher than your GPU can support. It is not a big surprise for your GPU

                                        This is an original source (Scroll to the bottom of the list)

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                                            Thank you. Btw please note that it' also a "mobility modded" one as its title suggests (you didn't recommend messing up with driver modding above):

                                            Catalyst 10.2 Legacy Mobility Modded for Windows XP x86/x64


                                            Furthermore I've just checked INF file CX_95952.inf in this package and the first line in it is "Modded with DH Mobility Modder.NET", i.e. the very same tool I was referring to above. Then it looks to me like the XP version of this official desktop driver/software package was "mobility modded" to make ati_mobility_10_2_8.593.100_x32x64_winxp.rar that works well in particular for ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics on W7. Meanwhile the Vista version 10-2-legacy-vista32-64-dd-ccc.exe of the same package was left to be modded by the end users in a similar fashion and after doing so works well in particular for ATI Mobility Radeon X300 graphics on W7. The INF files in these 2 archives are:

                                            - ati_mobility_10_2_8.593.100_x32x64_winxp.rar: INF file CX_95952.inf with signature 1002181718-8.593.100-100210a-095952E-ATI

                                            - 10-2-legacy-vista32-64-dd-ccc.exe: INF file CX_95951.inf with signature 1002181717-8.593.100-100210a-095951E-ATI

                                            The INF files in the former package reside in XP_INF and XP6A_INF while those for the latter one reside in LH_INF and LH6A_INF.

                                            Searching for the unmodded origin of ati_mobility_10_2_8.593.100_x32x64_winxp.rar led me to 10-2-legacy-xp32-64-dd-ccc.exe,

                                            which doesn't seem to be available for download from AMD site, unlike 10-2-legacy-vista32-64-dd-ccc.exe, which is available here:



                                            So mobility version of this particular driver/software package must have never been released for any OS - only desktop version was, which doesn't work on platforms with mobility graphics OOTB w/o "mobility modding". Both of these "mobility modded" versions work perfectly well for me - better than any others, official or unofficial, so I don't mind using them at all )

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                                                Yes, those drivers are modded, but modded by professionals (i hope).

                                                No offence. I just don't know your level of professionalism in this field.

                                                Maybe ATI decided to let laptop manufacturers only to release drivers for their products and refused from generic mobility driver because some sort of compatibility problems.

                                                I remember the time, when search for mobility drivers on ATI site led to links to laptop manufacturers sites.

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                                                    No offence at all taken: I'm infinitely far from professional level in this area anyway ) That tool is just a no-brainer: you enter the path to your unpacked desktop driver/software into it, press a button and wait for a few minutes, so it's extremely hard to go wrong when doing that )))  Perhaps some other tweaks were applied to ati_mobility_10_2_8.593.100_x32x64_winxp.rar besides "mobility modding" it with that tool, which would help explain why mere "mobility modding" 10-2-legacy-vista32-64-dd-ccc.exe w/o making some additional tweaks I was unaware of didn't help in my case. Out of curiosity I'll probably try asking around at that forum, which btw is fortunately in my native language.


                                                    One more driver related question if I may: at this page Legacy we can see 2 packages. The latter one is ATI WDM Integrated Driver and it's much smaller in size. Their \Packages\Drivers directories have different size and also the former package contains CCC directory under \Packages\Apps\ while the latter one has directories AVIVO and AVIVO64 there instead. I couldn't find any other differences. Would it be possible to explain the fundamental difference between these packages w/o going into too much detail? The latter (WDM) package seems to be something more than just a driver package; in fact several apps it it look exact same as in the former package (except for the "missing" CCC).


                                                    Btw is there some famous graphics performance benchmark application that would work on so ancient platform? I tried 3DMark 99 last night: at installation it reported my graphics detected as "DirectX 6.1 or up" and installed successfully but when I try launching it I get something like "DirectX 6.1 support missing" and it aborts.

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                                                        Насколько я понимаю, нижний драйвер - это тоже самое но без ССС. Вот и все. Раньше скорость интернета была ужасна во многих регионах и имело смысл дать людям выбор оперативно скачать драйвер без панели управления.

                                                        Насчет "3Д Марков" - тут еще может быть вопрос совместимости с современными ОС. У меня на восьмерке 3DMark2000 заработал только после двух модификаций файлов этого бенча. Я может вспомню что-нибудь из старья, но не факт ,что оно даже запустится.

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                                                            Т.е. WDM не есть WDDM?

                                                            Windows Display Driver Model - Wikipedia


                                                            Насколько я понял из этой статьи, Vista - первая их ОС, которая дружит как с (более старым) XDDM, так и с новым WDDM, а поскольку оба архива по ссылке именно под Vista, была мысль, может это WDDM, раз папки Drivers у них разные. В свете этого хотелось бы понять различие между стандартным драйвером типа как из верхнего архива и XDDM/WDDM драйвером: так понимаю, это самые азы. Ставить драйвер из нижнего архива ради интереса пока ещё не пробовал. Глянул снова 1rd637ww.exe от Lenovo, о котором сказано, что это ATI Display Driver: в нём по ходу вообще нет никаких приложений и даже папки Packages как таковой, есть лишь папка CPanel и всё; между тем есть пара папок с WDM в имени. Т.е. 1rd637ww.exe - видимо, просто более старый аналог нижнего архива (по размеру он чуть больше 30Мб), и если CPanel - это значок ATI, который залазит вправо вниз, чтобы экран вертеть и т.п., тогда, возможно, и все остальные приложения в нижнем архиве из той же оперы.


                                                            Между тем при нажатии на Download верхнего архива у меня теперь скачивается exe с тем же именем, что неделей-двумя ранее, но гораздо меньшего размера - что-то около 57Mб, который даже не хочет разворачиваться на моём рабочем X1 Carbon под W7. Странно: в предыдущий раз по этой же самой ссылке скачался правильный 95Мб файл, как там и обещано. Надеюсь, это у них глюк какой-то на сайте, хотя найти копии этих архивов не проблема.

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                                                                Windows Driver Model (WDM) (Windows Drivers)

                                                                Как я уже сказал,меньший пакет-это тоже самое,но без " и если CPanel - это значок ATI, который залазит вправо вниз, чтобы экран вертеть и т.п."

                                                                И на сайте АМД есть реально ссылки ведущие "не туда". Причем некоторые всем известны и висят уже месяцы. Это Вы правильно делаете, что читаете описание к дровам. В разделе для Линукса ,например, полно засад.

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                                                                    Почему же тогда у них папки Drivers настолько сильно разные? Слева - из верхнего архива (46.8Мб), справа - из нижнего (41.6Мб):


                                                                    Так думаю, будь нижний - то же самое, что и верхний, только без "ботвы" (CCC и т.п.), эти папки абсолютно одинаковы бы были...


                                                                    К слову о чтении описания к дровам - вот возле ссылки на нижний хоть и сказано, что Release Notes приложены, а их там не видать. А жаль: с удовольствием бы их читанул - наверняка бы первый же абзац пояснял, что там.


                                                                    Дополнение: только что облазил все INF файлы в папке Drivers из нижнего архива. Не пойму, как это возможно, но ни в одном из них при беглом просмотре не встретил вообще никакого железа, в то время как в INF файлах в папке Drivers из верхнего архива их там немерено всяких разных...

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                                                                        Честно, я не вникал.Это дела семилетней давности. Оба драйвера должны работать. И если один из них чем то отличается в плане совместимости с операционками win7/Vista то это актуально только при наличии соответствующих проблем с совместимостью.

                                                                        Я никогда не видел никаких рекомендаций по выбору между этими двумя пакетами. И для меня меньший пакет-это просто облегченный вариант.

                                                                        Вот например драйвер для ХР ,которая поддерживает единственную драйверную модель и уж точно не WDDM.

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                                                                            Это та же версия 10.2/8.593.100 на всё то же самое железо, только под XP? Как Вы их находите - откуда попадаете на эти их страницы индивидуальные? Я как раз вчера её искал у них на сайте, но не нашёл - нашёл больший файл из 2 вот тут, вроде он же:

                                                                            Download Catalyst-10-2-legacy-xp32-64-dd-ccc.exe - driver for videocard ati series radeon for OS windows xp 32bit, wind…


                                                                            Между тем разобрался-таки, почему даже модифицированный 10-2-legacy-vista32-64-dd-ccc.exe не встаёт. Как оказалось, драйвера на 7500 в оригинальном 10-2-legacy-vista32-64-dd-ccc.exe уже нет, а модификатиор, очевидно, не способен добавлять то, чего нет - лишь модифицировать уже имеющееся. Вероятно, 7500/9000 оттуда убрали не без причины (скорее всего из-за отсутствия поддержки DX/Direct3D/OpenGL должных уровней). К счастью, в XP версии они сохранены.

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                                                                                Через форму поиска. Просто выбираешь железо, которое должно поддерживаться конкретным драйвером. Я выбирал Radeon 9800 что ли.

                                                                                Старые мобильные драйвера (до HD) на сайте АМД Вы не найдете.

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                                                                                    Спасибо - теперь получилось: Desktop Graphics > 9xxx > 9800. Ранее выбирал там Desktop Graphics > 7xxx > 7500, который ведёт на старьё (6.11). Интересно, однако.


                                                                                    Только что попробовал самостоятельно изготовить аналог ati_mobility_10_2_8.593.100_x32x64_winxp.rar путём модификации 10-2-legacy-xp32-64-dd-ccc.exe. Вроде как всё удалось, во всяком случае работает ничуть не хуже. Посмотрим, что покажет бенчмарк.