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    ReLive - Inconsistent Instant Replay Function


      The record function seems to work ok although i have to start it from desktop rather than from in game. When i try to use the instant replay option (which is my main use for ReLive) it is very inconsistent. Sometines it will record the last 4 minutes as i have set in the dashboard and other times it will only record the bit of desktop i've switched too as i come out of the game to initiate the instant replay.


      Do others have this problem and has anybody found a reason for the inconsistency? Very frustrating



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          I just started using it last night, and found that the Instant Replay hotkeys don't always actually save the cached file. The last segment I successfully saved also wasn't verified as saved by the onscreen text that's supposed to show in the upper right corner of screen.


          So here's my typical scenario. I set Instant Replay to save 20 min worth of action, and always have Instant Replay on, which is verified by the orange icon onscreen (don't leave the icon set to show if you don't want it showing in the recordings!).


          Usually when I've completed a segment I want to record, then hit the Instant Replay save hotkey, nothing shows onscreen. When I get the text indicating it's saved something, it's usually because I've tapped it a second time after waiting.


          This means literally EVERY time I use it, I have to Alt+Tab out of the game to see if it's even saved a file, and what the duration is. I've tried it this way both with the default Ctrl+Shift+S hotkey, and with a Ctrl+Num 0 hotkey I made, same thing happens either way.


          However, I find if I use Alt+Z to open the Toolbar and just manually click to save the file, then it works, and I get the text onscreen verifying it's saved. So clearly it's only keyboard use that it is having problems with, and my keyboard is working fine btw.


          The Instant Replay hotkeys not working consistently and the odd Quicktime codec they chose to use are my main two problems using ReLive. I've installed the Quicktime plugin in VirtualDub, and can now open and edit my captures, but guess what, same problem now in VDub (which didn't happen before). The hotkeys are messed up. Enter used to start the video playing, but now it results in (Dub in progress). I literally have to use VDub exclusively with mouse clicks now.


          I like the speed and image quality of ReLive. It saves even 20 min segments at 1080p60 very quickly and has very good picture quality, but it appears there's a pattern with the use of the Quicktime codec unfortunately messing up hotkey function. Granted this tool just released, and ShadowPlay had it's problems at launch. If they can get it working as well as ShadowPlay though, it will play a large part in determining whether I go with a Vega GPU.


          I just read in another thread about ReLive not recording at all, that someone suggested using the reset feature. Will give it a go.


          My spec:



          8GB RAM

          W7 64

          Driver: 16.12.2

          KB: Logi K120

          Mouse: Logi G402

          Tested Game: Dead Space

          Drive Installed On: WD Black 1TB



          Just noticed while playing a video in MPC-HC, the seek bar will not show in fullscreen mode unless I turn off ReLive first.

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              many thanks - using the Alt Z tool bar definitely produces consistency.

              It's hard sometimes to get the toolbar to appear on screen. Usually I have

              to hit Alt Z a few times


              i did the reset as well - that may have helped also - not sure


              thanks for your time



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                  I found the reset feature didn't really help as one person on another thread here suggested. All it does it reset it to the default settings/bindings.


                  The main problem I'm having now since using the toolbar to solve the record inconsistency, is trying to find an adequate free editor that can handle MOV files. I'd prefer one that can Direct Stream copy after editing like VirtualDub does (using ReLive's quality setting to compress is much faster than doing it after with an editor). Plus VDub even after using the Quicktime plugin is saying there's an audio compatibility problem. Really don't know why AMD chose to use MOV when there's many codecs that work with MP4 which are more PC friendly.