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black/white Noise on 144 hz with RX 480

Question asked by gressert on Dec 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2018 by blikkboks

Since Radeon Software Version 16.12.1 I do only get black/white noise ("ant war") when setting refresh rate to 144 hz.

I had a the same Problem before whenever I started video streaming like Amazone Prime with the R9 290 and the RX 480 using 144 hz screen.

But since upgrading form 16.11.4 to 16.12.1 I can't even set the refresh rate to 144 hz in Windows.


What i mean with black/white noise: TV Noise - Free HD Animation - YouTube


Update1: After screen went off in idle I get ant war at 120 Hz as well. Trying 110 Hz now.

Update2: Workaround: Set your refresh rate to 110 Hz or downgrade your driver to 16.11.4.


Same Problem with 17.3.2.

There are active Adapters that support DP to DVI @120 Hz in Full HD. But it costs ~ 100€. Source:

There is an older thread where an AMD-guy stated that they had to care about FreeSync when they solved a related issue:

I read somewhere that DVI-Ports often use the same chip/converter like neighboring DP and HDMI ports. So although higher bandwidth with DP/HDMI and DVI works completely different a Displayport cable might not be a way to fix the issue.


Likely relevant specs:

XFX RX 480 GTR (RX-480P8DFA6)

VG278HE (144hz screen)

Connection: DVI > DVI (Monitor has no DP/HDMI)

Crimson: 16.12.1

Windows 10 incl. Anniversary Update


Other specs:

ASRock Fatal1ty H87


Ballistix Tactical Tracer 16GB

550 Watt be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10

512GB Crucial M550