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AMD A8-4500M CPU Overheating

Question asked by nasty7 on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2016 by nasty7

Help! my new/used HP Pavilion g7-2235dx is overheating, the CPU to be specific.  I just took it all apart and put some new Thermal Paste and cleaned the Heat Sink Fins, they were very dirty, in fact 100% Plugged up, all together good.  Before I took it apart it was very hot, I think 127 Celsius as shown by Seccy, and could barely touch the little metal piece by the Exhaust.  It never shut down while I was using it but may have with the previous owner.  The Speccy shows here only 106 °C and Now only running in the 80-100 Celsius range.  What else do I need to check to Hopefully fix this?  I'll leave the Speccy because that is the only diagnostics I've done yet.  I want to install W 8.1 if I can get it all healthy.  I also poked around looking at Processes that were running etc. but really...I'm no exactly sure what I'm looking at.


Also, the guy that had it before me tried to Upgrade to W8.1 but it would not work.  Now I see that there are five Partitions, I don't think this is right, although don't know if this has anything to do with the overheating.  Thanks, Nasty7