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Problems with driver 16.12.1, help?

Question asked by terryhb on Dec 9, 2016
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So for some reason everytime I attempt to install 16.12.1, it causes problems when I restart after installing it. For about a minute everything seems then, then all of a sudden I might get some visual glitches, or the screen flashes before just going black causing my PC just to crash. No BSOD, just sticks to the black screen, I assume my computer is crashing as the RBG lights on my Keyboard just completely stop, instead of constantly flashing.

The first time I tried to update I tried to update from 16.11.3 through AMD, thats when I first noticed the problem. I then tried a clean install after using DDU, still have the same problem. I downloaded 16.11.5, the previous version, and my computer works fine. I then tried updating from that version, problem still happened, so I just stuck with 16.11.5 for now since its stable for me.



Can anybody help me shred some light on this issue for me please? I'm not sure whats going on.


EDT:  thought I should post my specs

Sapphire R9 390 Nitro 8GB

Intel i5 6600k 3.50Hz

Asus Z170-A MB

16 GB DDR4 Ram


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