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    Memory Clock Speed locked at 150mhz


      Hey there reader!


      As you have seen by the title my memory clock speed stays locked at 150mhz on the new Crimson ReLive 16.12.1 driver I can't find the cause of this,


      I'm running the following specs:


      CPU: FX 8320(stockspeeds)GPU: Sapphire R9 380X (OC'd to 1100)



      Ofcourse there is more but that isn't important. i also tried removing the OC to see what it did but as i expected the clockspeed did not move from 150mhz


      Does anyone know a solution?


      Thanks in advance!


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          i to have the same issue....i started by overclocking like normal ...with new drivers why not ...i get to a spot at about 13% oc on gpu and i wuz running the every day normal of 1600mhz on ram ...my oc failed ....it booted me out of time spy...i did not look at anything i reloaded time spy first thing ....i then seen that the overclocks on my 2nd gpu wuz off ..i am running two XFX R9 390's in crossfire....i fixed the oc on the second card dropping down to 11% on gpu

          auto mv power... +50 power i run these cards for as long as ive had them at 1100 mhz gpu and 1600 mhz vram...these are also watercooled cards....

          second card i can do what ever i want with still...

          but i can not get the first card off 150 mhz for ram ...and i cant do nothing in the way of gaming at all like this .....

          i run a fx 8350 at 5ghz 32gigs ram at 2400 mhz on a asus crosshair v formula z motherboard with two XFX R9 390's in crossfire all watercooled

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            same happening to me with an R9 380 4gb. I fixed by going to display settings and switch from multidisplay to "Show Only on 1". This should be corrected by amd.


            OS Win10

            Display G276HL + L1717S

            i7 6700

            16gb ddr4

            R9 380 4gb sapphire

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              cool thanks ill check it out and let you know if it works...

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                Windows "Display Settings" !!

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                  Be sure to report it to AMD > AMD Issue Reporting Form

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                    yes i shutdown my other two displays and had to restart...upon restarting i then had control over my vram on card one again ....so now ima find my stable oc and then switch back on my other two monitors and see if things stay stable, and ram stays at 1600,... thanks for the info bud ....and you should definitely send that into AMD man..... since you found the problem and a solution to the issue ..... thanks again man i wuz sweating bullets here thinking i fried a card ....lmao....

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                      Hey I am having problems with this as well, my memory is stuck at 150 mhz, also on a sapphire card, R9 380 compact.could you explain the solution you came to a little better? I'm not finding in the display settings what you're talking about.

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                        you right click the desktop and on that little menu click "display properties"..once there click on the auxiliary monitors and turn them off....under the multi  display box click it and disconnect this display ....you enable them the same way ....after you get your overclock set to where you want it you can then re enable the auxiliary monitors ....every seems to work good now as long as i do not go back into the oc settings and mess with stuff.....if i do, it happens again ....and i have reset monitors again

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                          Still can't use my 2nd screen, I start getting green riples or displacements on both screens.

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                            try using DDU to uninstall all amd drivers and redownload them ....i hear they updated this new one

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                              Just wanted to add I have same issue.  I have 2 monitors, same monitor, 2 different refresh rates, and it's unusable.  Graphic distortion prevents usage, even if they are set to same refresh rate.  Clocks drop to 300/150, and lock there.  Overclocking with TRIXX or Afterburner does not work at all.  Very unhappy.


                              Rolled back to 16.11.5 and everything works as it should.  More QA testing with GCN1.0/1.1 plz in the future, and with more than 1 monitor. 


                              Asus Rampage III Black w/ i7 950, 6GB RAM

                              Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB

                              Win 10 AU Standard Ring

                              Dell S2409W 1080p monitors (HDMI@75, DVI @60)

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                                Using a R9 290 with 2 monitors, having the same 150mhz stuck problem.


                                Can confirm that all is good when setting it on "Show Only on 1", and changing it back to extend keeps the full speed of the memory, and the flickering goes away after a few seconds.

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                                  Wanted to update that I fixed my issues.  I uninstalled the 16.12.1 setup installed by the full installer, and redid the install using the Minimal Web installer.  I noticed it reports a different build to install, and has the Application Profiles option to install too.


                                  I think the original full installer is somewhat b0rked, so if you downloaded it, redo so, as it may have been silently updated, or use the Web installer like I did.


                                  UPDATE:  Using AB or TRIXX to overclock brings back memory fluctuating issues.  Wattman works.  Going to see if I can use AB or TRIXX to control fans since Wattman lacks a proper fan profile control.

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