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When AMD will fix UVD bug?

Question asked by hlxx on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by crazyserb

Seriously I am really tired to write to support every few days and explain the same problem all over again. So i asking here maybe finally will get an answer. When you guys fix this bug? I really want my GPU work as intended, but at the moment memory clock stuck at 1400Mhz GPU clock at 450 and also while gaming it won't go higher than 1000Mhz. So please fix this ASAP I dont wont to go Green but also I don't want to have bad drivers. Nvidia lately had problem too with clocks I know, but they fix it immediately. This bug is for long time I see on many forums people complain about it and what you doing guys? Fixing some flickering in CSGO. Here is screenshot,  GPU in idle mode... This bug is related to hardware acc I notice that after watching some videos or pictures on Twitter also it may happen when game is played in windowed mode.


Pardon My English.




My pc specs:

Windows 10 x64

MSI 970 Gaming

FX 8320

R9 270x Oc Asus

8Gb Ram

Be quiet 600W


Never had this issue before it started few updates ago. Come on guys, why I should turn off something to make bad driver work? Is AMD problem, and they should fix it, not me.


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