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    When AMD will fix UVD bug?


      Seriously I am really tired to write to support every few days and explain the same problem all over again. So i asking here maybe finally will get an answer. When you guys fix this bug? I really want my GPU work as intended, but at the moment memory clock stuck at 1400Mhz GPU clock at 450 and also while gaming it won't go higher than 1000Mhz. So please fix this ASAP I dont wont to go Green but also I don't want to have bad drivers. Nvidia lately had problem too with clocks I know, but they fix it immediately. This bug is for long time I see on many forums people complain about it and what you doing guys? Fixing some flickering in CSGO. Here is screenshot,  GPU in idle mode... This bug is related to hardware acc I notice that after watching some videos or pictures on Twitter also it may happen when game is played in windowed mode.


      Pardon My English.




      My pc specs:

      Windows 10 x64

      MSI 970 Gaming

      FX 8320

      R9 270x Oc Asus

      8Gb Ram

      Be quiet 600W


      Never had this issue before it started few updates ago. Come on guys, why I should turn off something to make bad driver work? Is AMD problem, and they should fix it, not me.


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          Turn off hardware acceleration in browsers ?

          Can't offer much more without INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

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            Seems like, everyone know this bug, but no one know how to fix it... I am dissapointed in AMD :-/

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              It will never get fixed because AMD does not have people who could possibly manage to use HW acceleration on their GCN 1 cards, imagine then trying to fix it. Last working driver for 1st GCN cards is 16.7.2 from July 9. 20 days later, bug was introduced with 16.7.3. I reported bug several times thru driver and then I gave up.


              Now, the only real difference between 1st gen GCN and newer is updated hw encoder and thats it. Everything else on their chips is essentially the same.

              Almost 4 months later, this bug is still not in known issues in driver release notes, which is far more important thing than possible flickering in CFX for example.

              I hope that these 3 monopolistic US companies will go down one by one. You can buy octa-core phone these days for 160 euros, but decent GPU or 4 core CPU will cost more for PC

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                  THAT for nonsense, you though understand how many owners of cards with GCN 1.0, they can't but correct it stupidly.

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                      They probably can, but they wont. They obviously did it on purpose. Card will be stuck in UVD clocks as soon as your player/browser/game/app use hw accel, and I had a chance to test 6 cards in 6 different PCs.

                      Its not a bug, its a feature. Buy new polaris card to remove it because it has updated hw encoder and will draw less power because new GloFo production process can pack 2 times more shaders on same die-size.


                      To be even worse, AMD employees recommend newer drivers (16.7.3+) to 1st gen GCN owners if they have some issues and not telling them what will these drivers do for something else. That kind of behavior only tells you "do NOT buy anything with AMD sticker on it"


                      AMD needs to learn that their products will never be better than their support, and currently their support  does not care for users of their products.

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                    How many displays are you running?

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                      I always find it amusing when people ask for help that they really don't want...;)  R9 380 4GB, Crimson 16.11.5's, no problems here.

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                        This is the answer I've got at guru forum. I need FREAKING custom bios to fix your FREAKING PROBLEM! And maybe one day some one from AMD will find a solution...

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                          This thing even happen when I stop playing games, just find out that after I quit Tyranny clocks wont go on idle mode stuck at 450/1400.

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                            Hi there. Same problem here.


                            Here is my topic, they have not published it (it's moderated), I do not know why. Here it goes:





                            "Sorry for my bad english.


                            It starts almost a year ago, now 16.12.1 and still no fix.


                            Sometimes, after some activity (for example watching movies through the browser, or playing PC games), and then, after returning to the idle state, the core and memory clocks are stuck at high level. Just a reminder - for idle 2D default is 300/150MHz (Radeon R9 270). But for almost a year, somehow, AMD software thinks that I'm in 3D state, while I'm in idle 2D state, so the clocks are stuck at 450/1400MHz. And this happens at zero activity. This is really weird. My graphics card is 15 degree C hotter and consumes more power. This is totally unnecessary.


                            I was using a bunch of software: MSI Gaming App, MSI Afterburner, Gigabyte OC Guru II, HWiNFO, RTSS, GPU-Z. But it doesn't matter. Because even without them, the problem still exist. Sometimes (unfortunately, only sometimes) Gigabyte OC Guru II 2.04 (not 2.05) is able to keep or reset GPU clocks to default level 300/150MHz (AMD software can't do this, which is weird). Otherwise, I have to reboot my PC. This is really annoying, because I have to constantly check, if core/mem clocks are not stuck again. If I stay in the idle 2D state (e.g writing articles in Notepad++) for half a day, everything is fine. But sometimes, after some activity demanding GPU to work, and then when I back to the idle, the clocks are stuck @ 450/1400MHz. This doesn't happen always, but still, annoying and unnecessary.


                            Something triggers the high clocks at idle.


                            Anyway, no fix for almost a year.


                            My PC specs:

                            ASRock H81M-GL

                            Intel Core i5-4440

                            2 x 4GB Crucial 1600MHz CL11

                            MSI Radeon R9 270 2GB Gaming

                            HDD WD Blue 1TB

                            XFX Pro 550W

                            LG W1934S

                            Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit with all the updates. No viruses, malware etc.

                            Applications that always run in the background: Peerblock, Windows Firewall Control, Sandboxie, Iris Mini, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. In addition, other applications used during work: Chrome, Firefox Nightly, Gimp2, Notepad++, Foobar2000.

                            I play games mostly through the digital distribution platforms: Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOGGalaxy.


                            Please, don't tell me that I need to reinstall drivers or do an antivirus scan  I've done it dozens of times. Disabling hardware (GPU) acceleration in some of the applications (of course I'm not talking about games), brings good results, but I'm losing performance.


                            So, here how it looks.

                            I will be grateful for the recognition of this problem in the next update.

                            Take care."







                            So anyway, I see that this is a very common bug, that AMD can't fix, while they praise WattMan and Chill features. It's kinda pathetic

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                                I don't believe AMD doen't know this bug. I am sure they do, but they have no idea how to fix it. So is better to leave this brand instead waiting for fix another 3 or 4 years? This isn't some kind of new issue they don't know about. I did research and you can trace this bug in  2013 which was unbelievable to me...

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                                    That bug and this bug are not the same. Before, it was priority state issue (that could be easily fixed) but you could still disable hw acceleration in browser/app while you play the game and driver will let you to use 3D/OC/idle clocks. Now, once you use hw acceleration, your GPU is locked in UVD clocks and only thing that helps is driver restart which does NOT have workaround if game uses hw acceleration with intro for example because game will crash if you disable driver.


                                    If they know about this issue, then it is on ignore list, if they dont know how to reproduce it, then it is even worse. Based on amdmatt reply in this topic, I dont think they are aware of UVD clock bugs or it is there on purpose. Maybe they are thinking if they cant improve their GCN cards, they can force us to buy new ones.


                                    The best thing in last couple years that AMD had with GPUs from software point of view is radeonpro, and they let J. M. who made it to join raptr. That is pathetic.

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                                  Same problem here with Relive 17.2.1. 16.7.2 seemed to be ok.

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                                    I have the same problem on R9280. When AMD fix this problem?

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                                        For the first time since 16.7.2 with Windows Creator Update and yesterday AMD driver update 17.4.3 I now don't have the UVD bug anymore. I was finally able to switch back to my original bios (I had a custom to by-pass the bug). My 7950 now idles at 300/150 like it's supposed to and not at 501/1250 (UVD state 1), and while gaming I have my overclocked frequencies and I'm not stuck at 900/1250 (UVD state 2)

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                                        I fixed the problem today. Bye AMD!

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