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    Acer V5-122P high CPU


      Dear Forum!

      I also have an Acer V5-122P, with AMD A6-1450 APU Radeon 8250, Windows 10 Vsn 1607.

      With no tasks going and idle machine it has a CPU usage of 35%!!


      In this Forum I do not seem to be the only one with this problem. I followed the advice by Kingfish in this Forum, on a thread I do not find today, downloaded driver "whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-16.9.2-sep29.exe", but after installation, devmgmt.Properties still shows Driver Date 2016-09-16, Driver Version:
      CPU problem remains, idle machine and CPU at 32% mainly due to atikmdag.sys at 23% CPU (found using Process Explorer on the System task). Also Machine frequency is at >130% so it makes quite some noise. Further more the laptop freezes during startup, which takes far too long time, minutes and minutes! If I start Web browser, the system freezes for some 20 sec before it becomes responsive again, and whatever I want to do, the system is sluggish and makes me having to wait

      This is certainly not as expected. I also have an Acer Aspire S7 which goes down to 0% CPU in idle mode!


      If I run  the Acer V5-122P machine in safe mode, the CPU load is down to 1% in idle mode. But then Process Explorer on System does not list the atikmdag.sys.

      Could I simply uninstall the driver as a quick fix until the atikmdag.sys problem is solved?

      Or is there any other quick-fix for all of us having this machine?

      I wait impatiently for a better advice!


      Best regards, Håkan