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What cooling solution for a 9GHz overclock?

Question asked by vegasecurea on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by sgtbilko

I was just wondering and intrigued. The world records set for highest overclocks from CPU-Z Validator World Records all use AMD chips (GO RED TEAM) and are reached only with liquid nitrogen. Even then its only lasts until the record is set. Afterwards the CPU is rendered unusable or destroyed.


I was wondering if there was another cooling solution that is able to let the AMD CPU attain 9GHz and run stable 24/7 with the only requirements being able to fit in a 9x9 foot room and up to $10,000. So heat and power consumption would not be factors in such a solution.


Like how much of an overclock would you get with something like this LD PC-V10 Phase Change - Black White - LD Cooling Computer Cases?


I do not know the power draw of a 9GHz overclock but what about these... Koolance EX2-1055 (can handle 900W) or Koolance ERM-3K3UA (can handle 2700W)?