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    rx 480 low gpu usage


      Hello, I bought gigabyte rx 480 8gb, and I can't get all performance from it, when I run msi afterburner statistic in game it show GPU USAGE only 30% and I get big fps drop from 400 to 100 in CSGO fps avg about 150.

      My motherboard:Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WiFi

      Supply:asus 550w p-55ga

      CPU: i7-2600k

      I have starcraft 3 and when I play it show 50% usage and sometimes 97% usage.

      Question is what should I do to get maximum performance from this card without overcloking?

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          P.S I am using latest drivers.

          Windows 8.1 64bit

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            Low GPU usage usually indicates that GPU performance is being held back by either the game engine, API or a system limitation such as a CPU bottleneck. You can sometimes overcome these limitations by either using a high resolution, or higher image quality settings which will see GPU usage increase. Or you would need to upgrade your CPU or increase the speed of your system memory, which may provide more performance and increase GPU usage.


            CS:GO is a very CPU heavy game as the CPU is performing many calculations while playing online with other players.